Network and System Administration: How to Get the Skills

Tech working in Network and System Administration


Do you think you have what it takes to become a Network and Systems Administrator? The job demands excellent technical knowledge, but it also requires some skills you may already have. In fact, some of those soft skills could be the driving factor behind what gets you hired. Do you have what it takes to work in IT? Find out how to get the skills that will get you hired:


Research the Job

Before you can get the skills you’ll need, you need to understand what they are. Get online and check out job postings for Network and Systems Administration. Find out what employers in your area expect of their IT staff. Check out LinkedIn too. Do any of your connections currently do the job? Contact them and get some advice. You can even ask if they’d be willing to serve as your tech career mentor.


Research Career Schools to See Where You Might Get IT Training

There are many choices out there when it comes to training to become a Network and Systems Administrator. Even if you’re tempted to try to get up to speed by acquiring various certifications, you may want to consider the benefits of an Associate Degree in Network Administration. And while most schools will tell you they’ll provide you with all the courses you need, it’s not just about what’s taught; it’s also about how it’s taught. Are you a hands-on learner? Then, you’ll want a program where you can learn in a classroom and try out what you’ve learned with computer lab work and simulations.


Get Certified

You’ll need a lot of technical skills to land the job you want. Among the certifications you may want to add to your skillset are: Comp TIA A+ Essentials and Practical, CompTIA Network+, Linux, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Security+, and Microsoft Office Specialist. But in information technology, you want to always be learning so don’t stop there. Be a sponge for knowledge and you and your career will grow.


Hone Your Troubleshooting Skills

Most of your job as a Network Administrator is going to rely on your ability to troubleshoot network and software issues for your customers. It is super important to address issues quickly and professionally. The more you perform troubleshooting tasks the easier it will be to improve upon your speed. Get on simulation tools at school whenever you can and practice on your own technology. If you’re working in the field, get suggestions and advice from your supervisors and  co-workers. And read—a lot! The more you understand about the kinds of issues professionals in the field run into, the better prepared you’ll be if you run into something similar.


Practice Your Customer Service Skills

As a systems admin, you’ll have lots of interactions with lots of people. From your supervisors and coworkers to actual customers, you could become their go-to person. That’s if you have the right tech skills along with great customer services skills. You need to be able to respond to technology issues and resolve them in a timely manner, all while keeping a level head and attempting to keep everyone happy. This can be a challenge, especially if you get customers who are disgruntled or nervous about whatever technological problems they have. Many of your customers will be less tech savvy than you. It’s up to you to be patient and take control of the situation with confidence. So whatever your current job is, start practicing excellent customer service right now. Go after the grumpiest person and find a way to put a smile on his face!


Polish Your Writing Skills

Writing skills are vital in any job situation but as a Network Administration, you’ll need to write clearly and concisely so IT documentation is easily understood. This ability is critical when you are under pressure and your documentation needs to be understood quickly by tech experts and laypeople, alike. This takes practice so whether you have been working in IT for years or you are just starting, every now and then take the time to improve upon your writing skills.

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