December 2018 Students of the Month

Bay City campus is not currently accepting new enrollments.

LANSING: Not only is Nathan Thompson a skilled medical assistant student, but he’s also on the President's List and serves as the event coordinator for the Student Association. He is aspiring to become a nephrologist physician and this is the first step toward that. “His father is currently on hemodialysis due to failing kidneys, and Nathan serves as his caretaker,” explained Campus President Mollie Woodworth. “He also works full time, and the one time he missed class it’s because his father was in the ER.” Nathan is also a wonderful mentor to students struggling in class and in their personal lives.

JACKSON: Shawna Wedhorn is a member of the Student Association and has been on the President's List throughout her time here. “Shawna stands out because she has taken a leadership role in Student Association and is always there to help with Snack Shack in between classes,” said Chief Academic Officer Dave Heckeler. “She also volunteered to help at graduation with getting students lined up and ready to walk.” Congrats Shawna. Keep up the great work!

MT. PLEASANT: Tracey Burch has been a wonderful medical assistant student and has made the President’s and Director’s Lists a multitude of times. She has also had perfect attendance. “Tracey has the dedication and perseverance to become a wonderful asset as a medical assistant,” said Mt. Pleasant Campus President Shelby Dalgleish. “We’re excited to see what her future holds.” Congratulations Tracey!

BAY CITY: Lacey Erndt stands out at the Bay City campus because of her infectious smile and positive energy. She lends a hand by participating in the Ride and Drive program and also volunteering for spot jobs around campus. “Lacey strives for excellence and expects the same out of others around her,” said Campus President Cassie Ferrer. “Even when facing adversity, she always conducts herself in a professional manner.” Lacey has decided what she wants out of a career and has her mind set on getting through her program - she isn’t letting anything stop her!




"I love my job. I’ve never worked for a better employer ever. I would have never found this job without Career Quest.”



“Don’t be afraid. They have thought of everything in this school to make it so that you succeed."