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Graduate together at Career Quest Learning Centers


Did you know that you’re more likely to succeed in your career training program if you have a great support system? That’s truer now more than ever. That’s why Career Quest Learning Centers suggest you Graduate with a friend!

Once upon a time, kids graduated high school and either went straight to work, into a career training program, or onto a four-year college. But today’s traditional isn’t so traditional. In fact, most students do not go right from high school to college.1 And there’s a growing trend for students to opt for “subbaccalaureate credentials” instead of a bachelor’s degree.2 That means you go on to get training, certificates, maybe even an associate degree—like what we offer at Career Quest Learning Centers—instead of spending four long years in college. That extra training can help you in the short-term as you prepare for your career and in the long-term, too. Economists say that subbaccalaureate credentials can help you earn up to 20 percent more than someone who only has a high school degree. And if you go on to get your associate degree, you could earn 40 percent more than that high school grad.2


But Earning Those Important Credentials Takes Commitment

You’re not like everyone else. You may not be coming straight from high school. It actually may have been years since you were in a classroom. And you’re probably pretty busy—with family and work and responsibilities that have nothing to do with school. That’s why having a friend along on this important journey is so helpful. And that’s why Career Quest offers a 10 percent tuition discount when you enroll along with a friend or family member. Here’s how it works*:

·   Enroll with a friend (or tap a friend to join you any time before you complete your program) and you AND your friend could each earn a 10 percent tuition discount

·   You and your friend must each maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to remain eligible

·   You and your friend must each successfully complete your entire program to receive discount

·   Available for Associate or 8-month programs at any of our Career Quest campuses

·   Discount applies to any remaining tuition balance

So, you and your friend can sign up at the exact same time in the same program. Or you can choose different programs at different campuses. Or you can be halfway through your program and want to share all that’s great about learning at Career Quest. It doesn’t matter. The idea is that you help your friend and your friend helps you to reach the finish line! What’s even better is that if you have a second (or third or fourth or fifth) friend, s/he gets the discount too! That’s right. We believe that a strong support system is so important that we’re willing to extend the savings. Just remember, you all need to complete your entire program in order to receive the tuition discount. You need to help, support, and encourage one another every step of the way.

But don’t worry! You won’t be alone. The Career Quest team will be on your side—here to help you in—and out of—the classroom.

Give us a call for more information at any of our three campuses: Lansing, 517-318-3330, Jackson, 517-990-9595, or Mt. Pleasant, 989-817-4431.

*Excludes short term programs (Certified Nurse Aide, Phlebotomy Technician and Acute Patient Care Technician). Discount applies to program tuition only and will not result in cash payments to the student. It will be applied to the student's account, prorated over the remaining payment periods

1 https://www.acenet.edu/news-room/Pages/HES-Basic-Facts-about-US-Higher-Education-Today.aspx

2 https://nces.ed.gov/pubs2018/2018010.pdf


“By the time you’re done, you will have the confidence that you can go out there in the field and do what you need to do.”


“I decided to go to school so that I knew my son would have a secured future.”