Being a Medical Assistant in Michigan: Here's What You Need to Know

Medical Assistant with patient in Michigan


Did you know that Michigan is one of the top employers of Medical Assistants in the entire country?1  If you’re interested in taking advantage of the many employment opportunities our state has to offer, you’ll want to understand the ins and outs of the profession. Before you begin your journey to become  a Medical Assistant in Michigan, here’s what you should know:


What Will My Job Include?


As a Medical Assistant, you’ll be  an important member of  a healthcare team with a wide range of responsibilities. While your specific tasks will vary by setting, you can expect these duties during a typical day on the job:

  • Prepare examination rooms by disinfecting and sanitizing medical equipment and stocking necessary supplies
  • Escort patients to the examination room
  • Take a patient’s vital signs
  • Assist doctors and nurses when needed
  • Help calm and reassure patients before and during procedures
  • Provide proper wound care by changing dressings and bandages
  • Help ensure that a patient’s medical file is up-to-date
  • Explain medical procedures to patients
  • Perform administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling and record filing


Where Will I Work?


Just as your duties as a Medical Assistant will vary, so will the locations where you might perform them. Medical Assistants are needed across all healthcare settings from specialized care to general practices. Here are some common places you could work as a Medical Assistant in Michigan: 



A health clinic is the most common setting where you might work as a Medical Assistant. While many clinics are devoted to a specialized type of healthcare such as podiatry, pulmonology, or optometry, you can also work for a clinic associated with general practice such as McLaren Occupational Health & Convenient Care. By working in a clinic, you may focus on patient care rather than clerical tasks. If you are looking to work in a setting with regular business hours instead of nights and weekends, a clinic might be the ideal setting for you.


Primary care facilities:

As a Medical Assistant, you could also work in a primary care setting such as a hospital or a private medical practice where your role will include a combination of clinical and administrative tasks.  Ascension Borgess Hospital is an example of a primary care facility where you might perform both clinical and administrative duties.


Medical labs:

If blood doesn’t make you squeamish, you may be suited to work in a medical lab such as Arcpoint Labs where you will collect and process specimens. These medical labs are often located in universities that conduct research studies or corporations that perform research and development.  

Retirement communities:

Another common setting for you to work in as a Medical Assistant would be a senior living community, which typically provides around-the-clock care for its residents.  If you would rather work in a setting that feels more like a residential community than a hospital, this might be a location to consider.



Am I Qualified?


Regardless of where you work, you will need the proper credentials. Quality education and training will help you stand out from other applicants and give you the best chance to work in your chosen setting. Get the right education through a Medical Assistant program that requires an externship that gives you hands-on experience in various healthcare settings. After you complete your coursework, you should earn a professional certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). This specialized credential will give you a competitive edge and background knowledge to help you thrive in your long-term profession. Once you are certified, you may also want to join the Michigan Society of Medical Assistants for valuable networking opportunities and helpful resources for professional development.


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