Introducing HVAC-R Career Training in Jackson and Lansing

hvac-r technician in the field

The demand for well-trained Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technicians is on the rise!1 And Michigan is one of the top ten employers of HVAC technicians in the whole country.2 That’s why Career Quest Learning Centers decided to pitch in and help train this new generation of HVAC-R techs. If you’re ready to build a real career that lets you use your head and your hands, you’ll want to check out our new program.


Taught by Industry Professionals

You may already be familiar with Career Quest’s excellent reputation for healthcare training. What we do so well there, we’ve transferred to HVAC-R. That means our instructors are all industry professionals with real-world experience. They know all about the theory and application of the scientific principles of heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems and the current industry regulations. That’s what they can teach you in our hands-on labs. But they also can pull from their own experiences, where not every system build or repair follows textbook theory. And they’ll teach you how to behave in the modern workplace, with lessons on employee protocol and customer service. That’s the stuff you just don’t find in a textbook!

And while they are industry experts, they also understand how to teach what they know in a way that’s relatable and easy-to-understand. They’ll disassemble motors so you can better understand their maintenance requirements. They’ll break an air conditioner so you can figure out what’s wrong with it and repair it. And there’ll be experiments and hands-on lessons in the lab that will bring theory to life. As part of your training, you’ll also keep a journal where you’ll enter observations of what you’ve done and learned. Your own personal journal will be an invaluable tool once you’re ready to begin your career.

What You’ll Learn

Here’s just some of what we’ll introduce you to in our HVAC-R program:

  • Installation, operation, diagnosis, and repair of residential and commercial HVAC-R systems
  • Basic schematic diagrams, blueprint reading, and AC and DC currents and circuitry
  • Principles, practices, and uses of HVAC-R electrical systems
  • OHM’s Law as applied to series and parallel circuitry
  • Refrigerant recovery, reclamation, and recycling
  • Basic copper and plastic piping best practices
  • Sheet metal fabrication and installation    
  • Field inspection of mechanical systems, including Michigan Mechanical Code
  • Basic industry terminology and communication standards
  • Customer service and relations


Are you ready for a rewarding career? Become an HVAC Technician. You could complete the Career Quest HVAC-R program in as little as eight months. Give us a call to learn more now in Lansing at 517-318-3330 or in Jackson at 517-990-9595.





"I 100% know that I wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for my experience and training at Career Quest."


“The students that are coming out of Career Quest are hard-working, dedicated, committed and eager to learn.”