What Do Employers Look for in Your Resume?

employer looking and yawning at resume

Did you know that in the amount of time it takes you to yawn, a prospective employer has already reviewed your resume? That’s right. Hiring managers scan your resume in just six seconds to decide if they should consider you for an open position. 

So how do make your resume stand out to show employers that you’re a worthy candidate? To help make sure that you end up in the “yes” pile, here’s how to make your resume memorable for the right reasons:


Make Sure It’s Easy-to-Read

Regardless of what’s on your resume, hiring managers will likely skip over it if it’s difficult to read. To make your resume easy-to-read it should have:

  • Clear headings

  • Consistent spacing

  • Just one classic font such as Arial or Times New Roman

  • Bulleted list of experience and skills

Check your resume’s readability with a quick, objective scan to see if it captures your key points.


Show That You’re Qualified

Employers want a competent candidate for the job, so your resume should demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge and qualifications. Match up your skills to the job posting as much as you can. Find crossovers from your current or past positions. Even if your previous work experience doesn’t seem relevant, some of your skills might help you in your next role. For example, some of the duties you performed in retail—like customer service and inventory control—might be a good match for a position as an administrative assistant. And be sure to emphasize all your relevant soft skills.

Highlight Your Education

Include your education on your resume. If you’re just starting your career and don’t have a lot of professional experience, your relevant coursework can show that you have the necessary background knowledge to help you succeed. Be sure to add externship experience with a clear description of the duties you performed. You should also highlight any professional certificates that show that you have mastered a particular software. 

Proofread, Proofread, and Proofread Some More

Hiring managers sift through a pile of resumes to determine which applicants qualify for the next step of the selection process. If you have an error on your resume, it suggests that you don’t have a strong attention-to-detail and you will likely get passed over as a result. A resume is your chance to sell yourself so it needs to your perfect self!

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