Acute Patient Care Technician: How to Be Calm in a Medical Emergency

acute patient care technician with patient

As an Acute Patient Care Technician, you provide hands-on assistance to patients who require critical care in settings like hospitals and clinics. Because your patients might have life-threatening injuries, serious illnesses, or are recovering from major surgery, you will probably experience a medical emergency at some time.

What do you do? With the right knowledge and preparation, you can learn how to stay composed in any medical emergency. Here’s how you can rise to the occasion and assist patients and medical staff when they need you the most.


Call for Help

If you are the only member of the medical team present when an emergency occurs, the first thing you need to do is call for help. Follow your workplace’s procedure for contacting on-call medical staff. This might be using an emergency call button or summoning a nearby nurse or doctor. Speak clearly so they understand the situation and can quickly take appropriate action.


Be Confident

One way to remain calm during a medical emergency is to be confident in your abilities. Once you graduate from an accredited healthcare program and pass your Patient Care Technician certification exam, you’ll have the right background knowledge to assist during a medical emergency. With great training, you’ll be confident in your abilities and will take the right steps in a medical emergency.


Be Prepared

An emergency can happen at any time, and the way you respond directly impacts the well-being of your patients. Make sure you are prepared to handle an emergency so you are able to act swiftly. For example, medical equipment should be well-stocked and sterilized so it can be retrieved and used when needed. Work with team members to anticipate emergency situations and become familiar with the emergency response plan. That way, when an emergency arises, you will know exactly what to do. 


Help Doctors and Nurses

When the other medical professionals respond to the scene, stay available to assist in any way needed.  They might ask you to get them medicine, treat a wound, monitor an EKG, read a medical chart, or go get other medical personnel. You can also help by reassuring patients. With your assistance, doctors and nurses will be able to focus on the patient and help them return to a stable condition.


Remember to Breathe

Always remember to breathe! Some basic breathing techniques can help you remain calm during an emergency. Take a few deep breaths if you feel your adrenaline begin to spike. You’ll be less likely to panic and will be able to help to the best of your abilities.


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