CQLC Offers New Graduate Guarantee

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“We take pride in providing our local employers with well-trained entry-level employees,” explains Lansing Campus President Mollie Woodworth. “Our Graduate Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to employers of course, but it also assures our students that they’re getting the education they need to have good jobs in our area.”

To emphasize CQ’s commitment to our community’s employers, we recently introduced our “Graduate Guarantee,” which promises the following to every employer of a CQ graduate for up to two years after the employee’s graduation date:

“If any one of our graduates is educated under a current, standard program of study and his/her employer determines the graduate is deficient in one or more competencies as defined in the program standards, we will retrain the employee at no instructional cost to the employee or employer.”

“The Graduate Guarantee has already been well received by potential employers,” shares CQ Director of Career Services Talisa McKissic. “This demonstrates that we believe in our mission and truly want to see our graduates working in their new careers.  It shows our employers how much we believe in the quality of our programs, while also demonstrating to our students Career Quests’ dedication to support them as they transition to becoming professionals in their fields.”

Since 1995, we have implemented our mission to put people to work in their chosen field through technical and personal skills training. While the disciplines might have changed through the years, our commitment to education, equipment and technology has remained the same.

This is why we introduced our HVAC-R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition & Refrigeration) program earlier this year to address the looming skills gap caused by high demand and technology combined with fewer people entering the trades in general. CQLC’s HVAC-R training program focuses on the installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC-R systems, while preparing students for entry-level employment as HVAC-R technicians. The program, which includes system troubleshooting, maintenance skills and environmental systems, can be completed in under a year.

“To the best of our knowledge, Career Quest is the only accredited college in the area that gives a written satisfaction guarantee to every employer who hires one of our graduates,” said CQLC CEO Jim Hutton. “If an employer is unhappy with anything our graduate should have learned, we will continue to educate him or her until the employer is satisfied. This gives employers and students confidence in the education and training from Career Quest and is just one of the many reasons we say that Career Quest is the very best choice for both employers and students.”



“Don’t be afraid. They have thought of everything in this school to make it so that you succeed."


“I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be successful. CQ has equipped me with the knowledge that I need."