How to Support the Executive Leadership Team

administrative assistant in office

As an Administrative Assistant, you’re often the face of the organization, and you also provide the leadership team with the support and information it needs to help the company run smoothly. You’ll attend meetings with important decision-makers and prepare confidential documents, so you’ll be in the know about much that happens in the company. With this great power comes great responsibility. Today’s Administrative Assistant isn’t your father’s secretary!

So, what will your responsibilities be as you support your company’s movers and shakers? Here’s what you can often expect in your role:


Be Front and Center as a Receptionist

One of your main duties as an Executive Admin may be in reception. Whether it’s for the whole company or only your boss, you’re probably the first person that office visitors see. It’s important that you’re welcoming and professional, whether in-person or on the phone. Especially on a first interaction, you need to be at your best; that first impression sets the stage for all that follows.


Schedule and Manage Calendars

It may be your job to maintain the calendars for one or more members of the leadership team. You’ll need great organizational skills and attention to detail—and some patience. Individual schedules can change in a moment, and taking one piece out of the puzzle can upset the whole picture. But there are software tools that can help keep everyone on track. That means you may need to learn another computer app, but you’ve got this!

You’ll also need to understand everyone’s personal preferences and make sure they’re met. For example, your boss might prefer not to have meetings before 9:00 a.m. and they might have a favorite restaurant where they like to have their lunch meetings. The most successful Administrative Assistants keep the executives they support organized and on track while remembering the details that keep them happy.


Make Meetings Happen

You may plan meetings, which also means that you will make sure they run smoothly from start to finish. And that’s no easy task! When you plan a meeting for multiple busy executives, it can be a challenge just getting it on the calendar. Once you determine a time, you also need to secure a venue, arrange for catering, prepare an agenda, and compile meeting documents. During the meeting, you’ll take detailed notes while coordinating logistics like audio-visual equipment. After the meeting, you’ll circulate meeting minutes and remind the attendees of any important action items.


Be Proactive

As an Administrative Assistant, you’ll respond to requests from the leadership team, but you’ll also need to anticipate their needs. In fact, the best Admins are always one step ahead. For example, if a leader in your organization asks you to schedule a meeting with a prospective client, you could do some research and provide them with a briefing before they ask you to do so. Or, if your boss has you email an important contact and you don’t hear back, you should ask them if they would like you to follow up. Your executive team is very busy, and anything you can do to lighten their load will go a long way.


Be the Voice of the Company

Because you’ll likely handle executive communication, it’s important that you are poised and professional. This includes writing emails on behalf of members of your leadership team as well as other communication materials such as memos. Along with maintaining a professional tone, you should also be sure that any correspondence is free of typos and errors.


Whether you’re already an Administrative Assistant or you’d like to become one, supporting a leadership team comes with many special responsibilities. Contact Career Quest Learning Centers to learn about how you can prepare for this rewarding profession in as little as eight months.



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