What You Need to Consider When You Replace Your HVAC System

hvac technician replaces hvac system



No matter the season, your HVAC system needs to run smoothly. In the summer, you want to beat the heat with some cool AC. In the winter, you want to stay warm and toasty inside. And in between, you want a comfortable indoor environment; the right temperature along with clean, safe air quality.  If this isn’t the case, it may be time to replace your system. Over time any system takes on wear and tear, even with regular maintenance. If you think your system is on its way out, here are 4 things to consider when you replace your HVAC system:

Full or Partial Replacement

First thing you need to ask yourself is, does the entire system need to be replaced or just some of the parts? HVAC expenses can rise pretty quickly, so it’s worthwhile to see if a complete overhaul is even necessary. Your heater, thermostat, and air pumps may work perfectly fine in the winter but in the summer, your AC blasts warm air; in this instance it may just be the compressor that malfunctions, or the air condenser, or maybe the liquid refrigerant just needs replacing. If the issue is beyond your depth of knowledge, call in a professional.

The Right HVAC Contractor

Some states require HVAC contractors to be licensed; in Michigan, for example, contractors need to pass a Licensed Mechanical Contractors exam. Credentials like these provide a contractor’s experience, knowledge, and skill. Be sure to verify your contractor’s insurance, registrations, and references. Compare home estimates between potential choices. And avoid anyone who promises to speed up permitting and payment processes, wants cash paid in advance or in full from the star, or tries to rush you into a decision.2

How Old is Too Old?

Like everything, HVAC systems have a life span. This will vary from product to product. Set your expectations and know the average lifespans. Even if you don’t need to replace your system today, it’s a good idea to have an idea about how much life is left in it so you can prepare for the financial hit. With proper and regular maintenance, you should figure your HVAC system will last 15­–25 years; furnace 15–20 years; heat pumps 15 years; AC units 10–15 years; electric or gas heater 10 years; and thermostat 35 years.1

A Good Fit with Your Home

For your new HVAC system to function properly, make sure your home is ready for it. Identify and seal up leaks, clear out clogged ducts, and ensure your walls are properly insulated. Also, be sure to take proper measurements of your home. Units that are undersized won’t properly heat or cool your home while oversized units will run up your energy costs.

Maintenance and Repair

Recurrent upkeep of your HVAC system will give you dozens of years, if not decades, of temperature control and ventilation. Consider this as protecting your investment. It’ll also help you keep costs down in the long run. Maintain optimal energy efficiency by getting your air filters, thermostat, electrical connections, drains, ducts, and blowers all checked out regularly by an experienced contractor.


A working HVAC system is more than just a piece of machinery. It provides comfort and safety. In that way, HVAC Technicians have a pretty fulfilling job. They deliver satisfaction to the masses. If you think you’re cut out for HVAC, take a look at Career Quest Learning Centers. Career Quest offers an HVAC-R program taught by industry professions which you can complete in as little as a year. Fill out the form to request more information today about our hands-on learning approach.


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