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3 Important Skills to Highlight on an Executive Assistant Resume

Posted: October 13, 2015

Executive Assistant Resume

You know you have the intelligence, talent, poise and passion to be someone’s right hand man or woman. But how do you convince them? It starts with what you highlight on your executive assistant resume. That important piece of paper can get your foot in the door so you can land the job after your next interview.

The three most important skills to include on your Executive Assistant Resume:

Your leadership qualities:

Executive assistants don’t just take directions. CEOs want to know that the people who work for them can do what needs to be done without being told. They want an executive assistant who shows initiative, identifies problems and solves them before they ever make it to the boss’s desk.

Have you ever held a management role? List it on your resume. Maybe you’re the shift leader at your current job or the head chef at the soup kitchen you volunteer at. That’s leadership! Or if you were a team captain or committee leader in high school, share that information on your resume.

Project Management and Event planning:

Executive assistants often have to plan meetings, conferences and even parties. Highlight the times you have run a project or event. The skills required to do so include organization, time management, multi-tasking, resourcefulness, fine attention to detail and follow-through –all the skills that make a great executive assistant.

Knowledge of technology:

You’re familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but are you certified? Include any relevant software that you know that can set you apart from the competition. Maybe the company has a blog and its president regularly posts. If you’re knowledgeable on WordPress, you can do it for him! List any technical skills you have that show you understand the importance of keeping current with the latest methods to run an efficient office.

If you want to excel as an executive assistant, you need a solid foundation in the business skills that executives demand from their staff. At Career Quest Learning Centers, our business programs can teach you the fundamentals, but also how to communicate effectively in business so you can impress your new boss now and into the future. Give us a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or Jackson at 877-365-8144 to learn more now.

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