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Getting Certified – 4 Reasons Why It’s Important

Posted: May 26, 2015

Getting Certified

Certification tells employers and your professional peers that you’re well-qualified and that you take your career seriously. It can help you find a good job, advance in your career and add stability to your long-term employment prospects. Here are 4 reasons why getting certified is important for you and your career:

It’s a stamp of excellence:

Whether you pursue a career as a medical assistant, an office professional or as an employee in information technology, certifications tell your employer and co-workers that you are qualified. The American Association of Medical Assistants says that its CMA (AAMA) certification “offers proof to employers that a medical assistant has achieved the highest standards of education and credentialing in the medical assisting field.” 1

Certification helps you get hired:

Employers looking to hire want you to have knowledge, experience and certifications in your areas of expertise. According to its Certification Program Satisfaction Study, Microsoft found that 91 percent of hiring managers consider certification as a part of their hiring criteria.2 Are you certified in the Microsoft Office Suite? It could be what turns that job interview into an actual job!

It could help you earn you more money:

Certifications don’t just separate job candidates starting out; they also demonstrate that you’re committed to your profession and are willing to invest in your future. That’s why employers are more likely to invest in you if you hold certification. According to resource consulting firm Robert Half’s 2015 salary guide, some certifications can increase your salary by 10 percent or more.3

Certification keeps you current:

One of the most important reasons to get certified is that it helps you stay ahead of the competition. If you truly want to succeed in your career, you need to stay current in all the technologies and regulations that affect your profession. Always keep learning and you’ll have a knowledge base that will make you an asset to your employer far into the future.

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