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6 Things You Should Know About Being an IT Help Desk Specialist

Posted: July 12, 2016

IT Help Desk Specialist

If you like to work with computers and people, then you’ll want to check out the career of an IT Help Desk Specialist.  Here’s what they do and the skills that make them good at their jobs:

If you’re a really good listener, that’s a really good start to becoming an IT help desk specialist. Before you can offer any advice or begin to identify what might be wrong with a computer or system, you need to understand the issues your customers are facing. Listening is the first—and most important—step to helping them out.

Fine technical skills will help you build, maintain and troubleshoot computers and their systems. With the right computer training and experience, you could be an excellent help desk specialist and a valuable asset to any company.

Are you a good problem solver? Whether it’s a problem with an entire system or a single software application, your ability to look at each issue with a critical eye will help you do your job well. Using your knowledge and experience, you may be able to offer quick fixes and easy answers, or you may need to reproduce a problem your customer is having in order to solve it.

Patience is critical to help you methodically go through all the what-ifs of a technical issue and also to keep you customer calm and happy. Your level of computer knowledge is probably going to be superior to your customer’s so you need to be patient and answer all their questions (no matter how simple they may seem) with kindness and thoroughness.

Good communication skills mean that you listen well and are also able to translate complicated computer terminology into a language your customers will understand. You need to speak “computer,” but also just plain ‘ol English.

Have you ever noticed that computers seem to fail when you need them most? That’s why you may sometimes need to work off-hours, nights and weekends to keep things running well for your customers. Flexibility and adaptability will help you prioritize and solve the most important problems first.

A career as an IT Help Desk Specialist is just one path you could take with the right computer career training. If you’d like to learn about other avenues that might be available to someone with your natural talents and abilities, contact us today at Career Quest Learning Centers in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or in Jackson at 877-365-8144.