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7 Reasons Why Reading is So Important for Preschoolers

Posted: March 5, 2019

Reading is So Important for Preschoolers

Did you know that even before children can speak, they like when you read to them? Lots of studies confirm the many benefits of reading to kids—regardless of their age. It teaches them to listen and speak and interact with the world around them. Whether you’re a parent or a caregiver, these are some of the reasons it’s important to read to preschoolers:

Reading is Bonding

When they’re just babies and you take time to stop, hold them on your lap, and read, you’re sending a powerful message of what’s important to you: your child! And the lyrical quality of your voice as you relate tales of astronauts, princesses, bunnies, and even the moon, is magical to that baby in your arms. You forge a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Learn and Emulate Speech and Affect

Whether you’re the big bad wolf, or frightened Little Red Riding Hood, your voice teaches your toddler the powerful effect of words and language. Little kids learn how to pronounce words and evoke emotion. When something’s suspenseful, your voice lets them know even before you hit the climax. Something’s happy? Sad? Funny? Reading teaches the range of human feelings—and a bit about being a good actor.

Increased Vocabulary

The more you read to a child, the more their vocabulary will expand. And there’s a lot of evidence that the measure of a young child’s vocabulary has an impact on their future learning. One study found that two-year-old children with large vocabularies entered kindergarten better prepared to succeed in school. They were ahead of their peers in academics and behavior expectations.

Academic Excellence

Learners who develop an ability and love for reading at an early age do better in school. They learn how to understand story arcs and comprehension, which they can transfer to textbooks down the academic road. They also learn critical thinking skills, abstract concepts, logic, cause and effect rationale, and the importance of good judgment.

Love for Knowledge

People who are avid readers are more able, confident, and curious. They learn at an early age that if you want to learn something, all you need to do is read. What starts off in picture storybooks can turn to more focused passion in art, literature, music, math, science, and more. A spark of curiosity—and ability to understand how to find answers through reading—is at the heart of a great career and a great life.

Bigger World View

Readers experience amazing, mystical places. They can set off on the seas to far ports of call or step back in time and visit ancient people and places. They can travel through space or deep into mythical marvels of the imagination. Young readers can meet people who are a lot like them, or not at all. They can take trips to Russia and China and Africa and even the Antarctic. It’s a wide world—and books can give readers a glimpse of it all.

Better Communication Skills

All that reading and understanding also result in people who are better able to communicate throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Did you know that communication remains among the top skills that employers look for when they hire? Reading to your child today can set them up for a life of confidence, success, and happiness.

As a childcare provider, one of your enjoyable responsibilities will be reading to your young friends. How awesome is that? If you love children and would love being an important role model for reading and other activities, consider becoming a Child Care Assistant. Currently available at our Jackson campus, Career Quest Learning Centers offers a Child Care Assistant program that aligns with the State of Michigan and National Association for Education standards and requirements. We’ll teach you the skills you need to enter the early childhood field. Fill out the form and schedule a school tour today.