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Career Quest Learning Centers Front Line Feature: Be Like Mike!

Posted: May 19, 2020

Career Quest Learning Centers Frontline Feature: Be Like Mike!

Mike attended Career Quest Learning Centers’ medical assistant program at the Mt. Pleasant campus. He graduated in December 2019 and went on to work in a rewarding career that he loves: helping others.

Before Mike started at Career Quest, he was working in a job that didn’t provide him with many opportunities to move up.

“I was tired of working at places where advancement was not possible. I wanted a career where I could come home and say I helped strangers and felt appreciated.

With a little perseverance, Mike completed his career training and is now working at an occupational health and ready care practice in Mt. Pleasant. “There’s never a dull moment,” he says. “I’m helping patients with everything from a simple drug screen to being tested for COVID-19.” Many Career Quest graduates like Mike are setting aside all fears and working to improve the health and safety of their communities.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike has continued to work. “Work life changed with the idea of being exposed to COVID-19. Yes, I was exposed, tested, and quarantined once,” he says. Despite the increased risk factors, Mike says he loves his job and never expected he would have ended up in the medical field.

“It started with a tour from the staff, then a teleconference with an advisor. Next thing I know, I am signing up [for classes]. The staff is amazing. Yes, you are a student, but when you’re there, you feel like family.

The medical field is unpredictable, but it tends to be the most rewarding as well. Mike’s advice to those thinking of entering the medical field is to “always keep an open mind and always expect the unexpected.”

Career Quest Learning Centers couldn’t be prouder of our students and graduates like Mike, who are sacrificing so much for the betterment of their communities. Here at CQ, we want to be like Mike!