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Help Choosing a Career

Posted: June 29, 2021


Do you need help choosing a career? Career Quest Learning Centers has your back. Guiding you toward your dream career is what we’re passionate about—in fact, it’s what we do for our students every day!

Whether this is your first time choosing a career or you’re ready to move your life in a new direction, we have the training you need to get where you want to go. Even better, many of our programs take just 8 or 15 months to complete. That means you can start your new career in less than a year, depending on the program you choose.

Check out our Ultimate Guide on Going Back to School.

Start by choosing the statement that sounds the most like you, and reading about the corresponding career path!

  1. I love helping others, I’m good at science, and I thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  2. I’m good with computers, I like working independently, and I love solving complex puzzles.
  3. I’m highly organized, forward thinking, and good with money.
  4. I like working with my hands, I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together, and I don’t want to work at a desk.
  5. I enjoy working with children and think I’d be a good teacher.

1.    Healthcare Careers

If you love helping others and have a talent for the sciences—specifically biology—then a career in healthcare could be highly rewarding. This is a varied and growing field with career options to match any personality type.

If you like to be where the action is, then you may prefer a patient-facing role. Our 8-month medical assistant and ophthalmic assistant certificate programs, as well as our 15-month medical office administration (AAS) degree program can prepare you for any of these careers:

  • Medical assistant
  • Phlebotomy technician
  • Medical technician
  • EKG technician
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Ophthalmic assistant

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assistant career is expected to grow by 19% between 2019 and 2029.* So, it’s a field with plenty of career stability.

Those of you who prefer to work behind the scenes may prefer back- or front-office roles that allow you to work toward the goal of helping patients without any clinical responsibilities. These roles include:

  • Medical biller and coder
  • Medical office receptionist
  • Medical records and health information technician
  • Medical office administrator or manager

Our medical office administration (AAS) degree program and our 8-month medical biller and coder certificate program can prepare you for any of these administrative healthcare roles.

2.    IT Careers

Are you an independent, computer-savvy worker who loves solving complex puzzles? Then consider an information technology (IT) career! IT professionals help the world go ‘round by ensuring that businesses and schools have the network and computer systems they need to run smoothly. Workers in the IT field also provide user support to individuals and businesses when issues arise with any computer equipment or network systems.

Many graduates of our 8-month network administration certificate program and 15-month network administration (AAS) degree program go on to have careers like:

  • Desktop support technician
  • Field support technician
  • Network administrator
  • IT help desk support
  • Linux administrator

You’ll also have the option to enhance your skills with certifications like CompTIA A+ Core 1, CompTIA A+ Core 2, and CompTIA Network+. The world of IT is always changing, so check with our Admissions team to find out what certifications we’re currently offering our IT students.

3.    Business Careers

If you’re a highly organized professional who is driven, forward-thinking, and good with managing money, then consider a career in business. Career training in business is an ideal option for workers who want to expand their skillset to grow within their current career. It also provides additional training for anyone who wants to take their career in a new direction or re-enter the workforce after a break.

As a student in our 8-month administrative assistant certificate program or our 15-month business administration (AAS) degree program, you’ll learn the skills you need to get your foot in the door with an entry-level role, like:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Payroll processor
  • Accounts payable and receivable professional
  • Front desk receptionist
  • Human resources assistant

In our administrative assistant and business administration (AAS) programs, you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Office applications, QuickBooks accounting software, and various business office skills. You’ll also have an opportunity to practice your softer skills during an externship.

4.    Trades and HVAC-R Careers

Do you love taking things apart and putting them back together again? Are you talented at troubleshooting mechanical issues? Do you prefer to be out in the field, as opposed to sitting behind a desk all day? A career in HVAC-R may be right for you.

In HVAC-R, you’ll be prepared for a variety of hands-on careers, like:

  • Entry-level helper
  • Rough-in installer
  • Start-up technician
  • Service technician
  • Service manager

In any of these careers, you’ll spend your days assisting with HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) unit installations, troubleshooting HVAC-R equipment malfunctions, and installing low-voltage wiring.

You’ll learn these skills and more as a student in our 8-month HVAC-R certificate program. 

5.    Child Care Careers

If you like working with children and want to help nurture the next generation, then a career in child care could be right for you. You’re sure to find plenty of career satisfaction as you watch children grow and evolve on a daily basis with your guidance. You’ll also have the added benefit of knowing that you’re providing a much-needed support for working parents.

When you enroll in our child care certificate program, you’re less than one year away from a fulfilling career in any of these roles:

  • Child care assistant
  • Child caregiver
  • Assistant teacher
  • Teacher’s aide

Our child care program is also ideal for anyone who wants to get some experience in the education field. You’ll take classes like Foundations of Early Childhood, Curriculum and Instruction, and Health, Safety & Nutrition.

Career Quest Can Help You Choose a Career

Are you choosing a new career? Career training can help you take that next step toward your future. Start by taking our Career Training Readiness Quiz to find out if career training is right for you.

When you begin any of our 8-month or 15-month programs, you’ll also receive the many additional benefits of attending our accredited career college, like:

  • Lifetime career placement assistance
  • Resumé, cover letter, and interview prep
  • Inclusive tuition
  • Small class sizes
  • Flexible online classes for most programs
  • Tuition discounts for eligible students
  • And more!

Reach out to our Admissions team for help choosing a career and they can walk you through all the doors that Career Quest can open for you. Contact us and enroll today!