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How Administrative Assistants Benefit Businesses’ Bottom Line

Posted: November 29, 2016

Administrative Assistants Benefits

As gatekeepers to the executive office, administrative assistants are important members of any business team. They connect departments and people, and also help keep companies profitable. If you became an administrative assistant, here are 5 ways you could help your company’s bottom line:

1) Keep the C-suite running smoothly: At the top of any organizational chart are the people who build and run companies. If chief executives don’t do their jobs as effectively and as efficiently as they can, the whole company suffers. That’s where you come in. By understanding the tasks those important company leaders need to perform, you can help them do their jobs even better, and help make the company even more money.

2) Protect critical data: Whether its company trade secrets or personal client information, don’t let critical data fall into the wrong hands. Are you really good at keeping secrets? Then you might understand how important it is to use discretion in the workplace. If the wrong people find out about secret company information, it can affect how well the business runs. Especially with publically traded companies, like those listed on the New York Stock Exchange, information is privileged. Revealing some information can result in fines to the company and get you in trouble –even land you in prison!

3) Keep schedules: Have you ever heard the expression: Time is money? That means the more time personnel spend doing tasks, the more money it costs companies. As an administrative assistant, one of your most important jobs is to keep your boss’s schedule running at peak efficiency. Manage their calendar and keep them on schedule and they won’t waste any precious time.

4) Be accurate: Mistakes cost money! Financial reports and data need to be precise so company managers always know the financial health of the company. Without accurate information, they can’t figure out how to spend and invest. Even smaller mistakes, like messing up those important schedules, can waste time and money, and affect a company’s morale. The more accurately things are run, the more everyone will trust the company and the people in charge.

5) Find bargains: Did you know that many administrative assistants plan events and book travel? When you do your job well in those areas, you can save the company thousands of dollars. But there are also plenty of opportunities to save money when you use contracted services or reorder office supplies. Opt for the best product at the best prices and you’ll save money and protect the company’s bottom line.

If you thought an administrative assistant was just the boss’s helper, you couldn’t be more wrong. Today’s admin assistant has a lot of responsibility and can help companies become and stay profitable. Are you up for the task? Check out the Business Programs at Career Quest Learning Centers and see how we can train you to become an administrative assistant and more. Call us right now in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or Jackson at 877-365-8144 to learn more.