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HVAC-R School and Certifications near DeWitt MI

Posted: January 8, 2021


HVAC-R professionals spend their days working with their hands and solving problems while keeping homes, businesses, and medical facilities comfortably climate-controlled. If this sounds like rewarding work, then you can enroll in our HVAC-R school near DeWitt, MI.

Enroll today by contacting Career Quest Learning Centers and start your new career as an HVAC-R professional in just 8 short months!

What Is an HVAC-R Professional?

HVAC-R stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Professionals in this field work on repairing, installing, servicing, and maintaining the operating conditions of various climate-control systems. As an HVAC-R technician, every day will be different as you perform a variety of tasks, like:

  • Assisting with HVAC-R unit installations
  • Troubleshooting or repairing HVAC-R equipment
  • Applying local codes, as appropriate
  • Providing customer service and technical support
  • Installing low-voltage wiring

Careers for HVAC-R Technicians

As a graduate of our HVAC-R school, you’ll be ready to start your new career in the DeWitt, MI, area. Some of the entry-level titles our previous students have held include:

  • Entry-level helpers
  • Rough-in installer

Other HVAC-R Careers

If you love the work you do in your HVAC-R career, there are many avenues for growth within the field, once you have a few years and a little experience under your belt. Some professional-, mid-, and senior-level careers that may be available to graduates of our HVAC-R program include:

  • Start-up technician
  • Service technician
  • Service manager

What Skills Do I Need as an HVAC-R Professional in DeWitt MI?

As an HVAC-R professional in the DeWitt, MI, area, there are a variety of skills you’ll want to excel in, like:

  • Reading blueprints
  • Proficiency with hand tools
  • Basic math, wiring, and technician skills
  • Customer service, listening, and speaking
  • Time management and planning
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

Classes at Our DeWitt Area HVAC-R School

When you enroll in our HVAC-R school, you’ll take only the classes you need to excel in your new career as an HVAC-R professional. Your courses will include:

  • HVAC electrical systems & applications
  • Air conditioning systems 
  • Refrigeration
  • Sheet metal fabrication & installation
  • Application mathematics
  • Blueprint reading

We’ll choose your classes for you based on our curriculum to ensure you can complete our program in just 8 months. You’ll simply show up to class and meet your coursework deadlines as set by your instructor. Let us take care of the rest!

What Makes Our HVAC-R School Different?

Our HVAC-R school wants to set up all DeWitt, MI, professionals for success. So, we provide the resources and services you need to receive a high-quality, convenient, and flexible education in the field of your choice. Just some of the benefits our accredited college offers are:

  • Tuition discounts to eligible students
  • Small class sizes
  • Lifetime career placement assistance
  • Resumé building and job search help

DeWitt Residents, Enroll in Our HVAC-R School for Your Certificate!

Are you ready to start your new career as an HVAC-R professional? By attending the trade school at Career Quest, you can start working in the field in just 8 months. Contact our college to enroll today!