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HVAC-R School near Me Bath Township MI

Posted: January 4, 2021


Do you like working with your hands? Are you a good problem solver? Then you could excel as an HVAC-R technician. Bath Township, MI, area professionals can now enroll in our trade school and complete our HVAC-R program and certifications in just 35 weeks.

That means you’re just 8 short months away from a rewarding new career! Keep reading to find out how Career Quest Learning Centers can help you get there.

What Is HVAC-R?

HVAC-R stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. This refers to the different systems that move air throughout a home to help keep it properly climate controlled, depending on the region and time of year.

Equipping a home with an HVAC-R system offers many benefits to homeowners. These benefits are why HVAC-R maintenance technicians are in high demand!  

Climate-Controlled Interior

As the name suggests, HVAC-R systems give homeowners the freedom to heat and cool their homes to their liking. That means that on particularly hot days, they can crank up the AC until they’re comfortable, or they can turn up the heat during the middle of winter.

Some systems also allow the homeowner to adjust the temperature setting based on zones of the house or by room.

Cleaner Air

The EPA estimates that air pollutants are two to five times higher inside—where people spend approximately 90% of their time—compared to outside.1 HVAC-R systems can help lower this pollution percentage.

How? These systems force air throughout the house, giving residents access to cleaner, fresher air, thanks to the extra ventilation options and less opportunity for stuffiness or drafts.

Energy Efficiency

Adding an HVAC-R system could possibly lower energy bills, especially when upgrading to newer, more energy-conscious systems. These new systems are estimated to lower monthly bills by up to 20%.2

Different Types of HVAC-R Systems

There are multiple types of heating and cooling systems available. Regardless of the types of heating and cooling system a home is outfitted with, you will be responsible as a professional for helping businesses and families keep their heating and cooling systems working properly. You’ll be helping them live and work safely and comfortably all year long.

At our HVAC-R school, Bath Township students will have the chance to learn more about the different HVAC-R systems available and understand how to maintain them. Let’s take a closer look at two of the systems an HVAC-R technician may encounter!

Ductless Systems

A home without ductwork typically has separate heating and cooling systems. In these homes, there are different systems for each zone of the house, sometimes for different rooms. Think of houses with window AC units. This is a good example of a ductless HVAC-R system.

Central Heating/Cooling Unit

On the other hand, many homeowners decide to go with a central heating and air conditioning unit for ease of access. This way, each room is heated and cooled through hidden ductwork that connects to a unit outdoors or elsewhere in the house.

What Does an HVAC-R Technician Do?

Chances are that no two days as an HVAC-R technician are the same. Some days may involve installing systems, while others may be spent performing routine maintenance to keep the systems healthy. Some days, you may be called for an emergency visit to help a family with a broken or malfunctioning system restore the heating or air conditioning to keep them comfortable.

After completing our HVAC-R trade program, you’ll have all the skills needed to perform the daily tasks of an entry-level HVAC-R technician. Once you land in your new career, you’ll spend your days performing tasks, such as:

  • Overseeing HVAC-R unit installations
  • Troubleshooting and repairing equipment
  • Applying appropriate local codes
  • Providing customer service and technical support
  • Laying out and installing low-voltage wiring

You may also perform seasonal or regular maintenance on HVAC-R systems for homeowners and clients. This work can include testing the systems, cleaning parts, checking coolant and refrigerant levels, and more.

Benefits of Working as an HVAC-R Technician

On top of long-term career stability, working as an HVAC-R technician offers several additional benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Engaging work: Whether working on an install or updating a system, HVAC-R technicians are always working with their hands. A portion of HVAC-R work includes problem solving, which means that your critical thinking skills will always be engaged.
  • Change of scenery: As an HVAC-R technician, your office changes every day, sometimes each hour. Most days you’ll go to a different jobsite to perform work.
  • Work freedom: Once trained, many HVAC-R technicians work on their own. They get information from headquarters, then drive to the location, perform the job, and move on to the next project. Plus, since HVAC-R is a nationwide position, you have the freedom of working anywhere!

What Skills Does a Bath Township HVAC-R Technician Need?

As an HVAC-R technician, you’ll spend a lot of time troubleshooting issues, working with customers, and installing and repairing systems. So, there are a few key hard and soft skills you’ll want to master as an expert in the field, including:

  • Customer service, listening, and speaking
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Basic math, wiring, and technical skills
  • Time management and planning

HVAC-R Certifications and Program

At our college, you’ll learn the essential skills you need to become an HVAC-R technician in the Bath Township, MI, area, including classes in:

  • Heating systems
  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Sheet metal fabrication & installation
  • Blueprint reading
  • Application mathematics

You also have the opportunity to earn a certification in mechanical code and EPA recovery. With our small class sizes of 25 or fewer students, you’ll get the individualized support you need in every class to ensure skill mastery and success.

Is HVAC-R Work Right for You?

Want to learn more about the HVAC-R trades program? Want to see if this is the right career path for you? At Career Quest, we have a team of admissions counselors who are here to help every step of the way. Not only are they here to answer any questions you have about the program and life after graduation, but they also offer program selection assessment.

This assessment isn’t like an entrance exam. In fact, we don’t require entrance exams to enroll in our program—just a high school diploma or GED.

Our program selection assessment is a way to easily see how well our program and HVAC-R career paths align with your career goals. It also covers strengths and challenges you may encounter in this program. This way, you’ll have all the answers to your questions about this program.

Why Enroll in Our HVAC-R Program near Bath Township?

We know what today’s professionals need to succeed in an ever-changing job market. Whether you’ve been recently displaced or if you’re looking for a new career path, we offer the resources you need to get ahead, like:

  • Financial assistance to qualifying students: As an accredited career college, we can offer state and federal student loans, as well as grants, to qualifying students. We also offer several tuition discounts, some of which are for displaced workers, veterans or active-duty military members, and other qualified individuals! Speak with your financial advisor to determine eligibility for these programs.
  • Inclusive tuition: The tuition amount you and your financial advisor agree on is what you pay. The cost of textbooks and other material costs are factored into this tuition!
  • Career Services Department: Our on-site Career Services Department is here to help prepare you for your new career in lots of ways. Here are just a few:
    • Career placement assistance: Ready to start the search for an entry-level HVAC-R position? Our Career Services Department offers career placement assistance by providing local job listings, networking opportunities, and resumé writing assistance.
    •  Career prep assistance: Looking to crush your interview? The Career Services Department is here to help prepare you for your interview any way they can. Whether you need help answering basic questions or want a trial run through a mock interview, the team is here to help!
    • Lifetime job placement assistance: No matter how long ago you graduated from our HVAC-R trades program, the career experts at the Career Services Department are available to help. Our lifetime job placement assistance means that you can utilize our Career Services team at any point.
  • No general education classes: One of the reasons you can earn your HVAC-R diploma in as little as 8 months is because no general education classes are offered in this program. The only classes you take directly relate to the HVAC-R field.

Enroll in Our HVAC-R School near Bath Township MI and Start Your Career in Just 35 Weeks!

When you enroll in our HVAC-R school near Bath Township, MI, you’ll be on the fast track to starting your new career as a qualified HVAC-R technician. Plus, our curriculum is designed to be completed in just 35 short weeks. You might find yourself in your new career within a year!

We have new HVAC-R trade programs starting every five weeks, meaning it’s always the perfect time to take the first step to a new hands-on career. What are you waiting for? Enroll in our HVAC-R trades program by contacting our admissions team at Career Quest Learning Centers today!