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The Importance of Lab Safety – In School and Career

Posted: May 12, 2015

Lab Safety

Whether you’re on the job or just learning, lab safety is priority number one! Medical assistants already working in their careers know that the safety precautions they take in the laboratory could actually save someone’s life. But did you know that lab safety begins during your career training? The importance of lab safety starts in school and continues throughout your career. Here’s why:

It really can save lives.

When lab safety procedures aren’t followed, people can get hurt –or worse. Lab equipment and chemicals that are improperly handled can result in personal injury and even death. Chemical spills, toxic fumes, needle pricks, and fires can harm lab workers, while errors in how medications are handled and distributed can harm patients.

Lab safety protects property.

Fires can occur when lab safety procedures are not followed. Chemicals that are improperly stored or handled can react with one another to cause fires and explosions. The subsequent property damage can affect the lab, all of the work performed there, and all of those depending on what that lab does.

It protects equipment.

It may seem like extra work to clean and store that microscope to the exacting standards that your instructor insists upon, but it’s that way for a reason. Taking care of equipment ensures that it does the job it needs to, while extending its usefulness for as long as possible.

Proper lab safety prevents cross contamination.

Disease and bacteria are spread when lab procedures are not followed. The instruments used by students and professionals must be fully cleaned and sterilized to prevent the dangerous spread of germs.

It ensures accurate record keeping.

Whether you’re a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, or researcher in a lab, the records you keep are vitally important. Proper lab safety ensures that patient information, procedures, and medications are accurate, up-to-date, and available to all the healthcare professionals treating the patient or researchers working on a project.

Lab safety helps the facility and the profession.

Proper lab safety ensures the good reputation of the lab, healthcare facility, clinic, or pharmacy you work in. When people believe you work in a professional and safe environment, they’re more likely to trust you and what you do. And what you do for your individual employer also reflects well on the industry, as a whole.

If you’d like career training that includes instruction on proper lab safety, contact Career Quest Learning Centers today. We have healthcare programs that will train you in Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Office Administration, Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician. Give us a call at 877-481-4930 or 877-365-8144 to learn more now.