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Online Medical Billing & Coding Certification Ann Arbor MI

Posted: November 16, 2020


Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill that’s similar to learning a new language? Do you want to give your professional life an upgrade? Earning a medical billing and coding certificate may be exactly what you need. For those Ann Arbor, MI, students, you can now enroll in our online medical program at Career Quest Learning Centers.

By enrolling in our program, you’ll learn all there is to know about the niche language of medical billing and coding in as little as 8 months! How is this possible? Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical billers and coders are essential within the healthcare field. These behind-the-scenes workers help maintain a clerical flow when it comes to patient charts and invoices. No two days as a medical biller or coder are the same, so you’ll always be kept on your toes in this career!

Let’s take a closer look at what life as a medical biller and coder entails and why it’s important.

Translating Information: Responsibility of a Medical Coder

In simplest terms, a medical coder is responsible for translating exam notes, diagnostics, symptoms, and more into one universal medical code.

With thousands of numerical and alphanumerical codes, the responsibilities of a medical coder are very in depth. It’s the job of the medical coder to use CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II classification systems to properly update patients’ charts.

If a patient has a pre-existing condition, the medical coder needs to know what order this information must be added in for accuracy. If the information is not properly added, it will affect billing further down the line.

Creating Invoices: Responsibility of a Medical Biller

Once the medical code is up to date, it’s time to get started on the medical billing aspect. Using this translated code, the medical biller will create an updated invoice and send this information to the patient’s insurance company. This is called a claim.

The insurance company will evaluate the claim and return it to the office. Once returned, the medical biller will examine the claim and determine if the insurance company covered the whole claim or if an amount is left over. If the insurance company didn’t cover the total claim, the medical biller must create a new invoice and bill the patient.

The medical biller may need to hire a collections agency if the patient’s financial responsibility is delinquent or if they are unwilling to pay.

Additionally, a medical biller and coder may be asked to perform administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, filing records, and answering phone calls.

Online Medical Billing & Coding School near Ann Arbor MI

Career Quest offers an online healthcare program that specializes in medical billing and coding. In this program, students learn the ins and outs needed to succeed as a medical biller and coder. They accomplish this with the help of our thorough courses.

Some of the courses in this online program include:

  • Allied Healthcare Procedures
  • Administrative Compliance
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Billing & Coding Procedures

Our online medical billing and coding certification course is taught by industry-experienced instructors. Using their knowledge—and the feedback from our advisory board members—the most current, well-rounded information is provided.

Enhanced Education with Additional Certifications

On top of earning an online medical billing and coding certification, Career Quest offers additional career certificates that show future employers you have the knowledge needed to excel in the industry. Some of the online medical billing and coding certifications we offer include:

  • Electronic Health Records Specialist
  • Billing and Coding Specialist
  • EKG Technician
  • CPR and Basic Life Support
  • Medical Administrative Assistant

Getting Your Foot in the Door: How to Work as a Medical Biller & Coder

Thanks to the information provided in our online medical billing and coding courses, students will be prepared to enter the healthcare field in no time at all. Plus, thanks to our training methods, students can work in a variety of similar healthcare fields!

Types of Medical Billing & Coding Jobs

With an estimated 8% growth rate through 2029, the medical billing and coding field is a popular career choice.1 While this career growth brings good news, it may take some time for students to land their dream medical billing and coding career after graduating.

Thankfully, there are many other healthcare positions medical billing and coding graduates are qualified for. Some of these roles can even help you get your foot in the door:

  • Medical office receptionist
  • Billing/coding specialist
  • Health insurance processor
  • Medical records and health information technician

Volunteer or shadow experience goes a long way too. Chances are you can find a volunteer position that gives you the real-world experience to make your resumé stand out from other new graduates.

Networking Goes a Long Way: Externship Experience

It’s never too early to build professional relationships in the field. Start before you graduate our online medical billing and coding certification course near Ann Arbor, MI, by getting an externship! Career Quest makes it easy: We have externships built right into our curriculum.

We recommend students use this opportunity to learn more of the daily life in their chosen healthcare field, add experience to their resumé, and build professional connections that may make it easier to land a medical billing and coding position after graduating.

Leaving a Lasting Impression: How to Nail Your Medical Billing & Coding Interview

When it’s time to interview for a medical billing and coding position, here are some tips on how to nail the interview:

  • Research the company you’re applying to
  • Highlight your previous relevant experiences
  • Mention any certifications or future certifications
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask

Do you need extra help preparing for the interview? Our on-site Career Services Department is here to help. They can assist with career tips, resumé reviews, and also offer mock interviews to help you fully prepare.

Why Enroll in Our Medical Billing & Coding School?

At Career Quest, we provide several unique benefits. Not only will our students possibly find themselves starting a new career in less than a year, but they can also take advantage of:

  • No entrance exams needed to enroll. The only pre-requisite required is a high school diploma or GED.
  • No general education classes, which helps reduce the amount of time spent studying. All your courses are related to your new profession.
  • Financial aid offered to eligible students. This includes state and/or federal aid, grants, and tuition discounts for those who qualify.
  • Lifetime career assistance is offered through our Career Services Department. No matter how long ago you graduated, our team will help you find another position within your field.

Online Education: Choose Flexible Study with Small Class Sizes  

Many learners are turning to online schooling to enhance their professional lives. Whether they currently work a job and can only study during certain hours or they simply prefer to learn from the comfort and safety of their own home, more than six million Americans have turned to online education to enhance their professional lives.2

Learning online gives you a unique opportunity to:

  • Complete assignments at a time that’s convenient for you (while adhering to deadlines)
  • Attend either live or pre-recorded courses
  • Enjoy intimate class sizes of 25 students or less

How to Apply to Our Online Medical Billing & Coding School

You hold the key to unlocking your success. When you’re ready to take your professional life to the next level by entering the exciting, ever-changing healthcare industry, we at Career Quest make it fast and easy to enroll.

To get started, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Fill out our online application form or give us a call
  • Speak to one of our admissions representatives
  • Talk with one of our financial aid counselors to see if you qualify for tuition discounts and other financial aid
  • Find a comfy spot on the couch or at the kitchen table and get ready for your first day of classes!

At Career Quest, we believe it’s always the right time to jumpstart your career success. That’s why we have new medical billing and coding classes starting every five weeks. You can enroll at any point and get started on your online education possibly within the same month!

Do you have questions about our program? One of our admission counselors will be happy to speak with you about this program’s strengths and answer any questions you may have before enrolling.

Online Medical Billing & Coding School and Certification Ann Arbor MI: Enroll Today

Are you ready to level up your professional life with an entry-level career as a medical biller and coder? Ann Arbor, MI, students can turn to the online medical billing and coding certification program at Career Quest.

With the help of our tried-and-true training method and industry-experienced instructors, you’ll graduate from our program in as little as 8 months! Set yourself up for a new career with good hours, benefits, and room for advancement.

Our online program is open for enrollment now, so don’t wait any longer to contact us!