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Michigan Layoffs: Is It Time for a Secure Career?

Posted: May 11, 2020


Since the start of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak, Michigan has seen an unprecedented number of layoffs. Many industries have let go workers in record numbers. From retail and service to even longtime Michigan staples, like the steel industry, many businesses have been impacted.

If you count yourself among this number or worry that you may soon be laid off, now is the time for a change.

Career Quest Learning Centers offers three campuses in Jackson, Lansing, and Mt. Pleasant to help concerned or displaced workers make that change as quickly as possible. We also offer a tuition discount for workers who have been dislocated or displaced from their current job.

Stop settling for uncertainty. Your career compromise ends with us.

What Do Michigan’s Layoffs Mean for You?

When you have a home, a family, and bills to pay, gaps between employment aren’t an option. Any time spent on unemployment is time you can fall behind financially, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find the next job right away.

While no one could have predicted the impacts of COVID-19, there were many Michigan businesses planning layoffs even before it hit, including the steel industry.

As Michigan businesses navigate and recover from the global pandemic, you may be thinking about your backup plan: employment with real longevity. Now’s the time to start considering a contingency plan that works for you.

Find a Career That Offers Stability

Maybe your next job shouldn’t just be a job. Maybe the next one should be a career, one that offers long-term stability and personal satisfaction all at once.

If you’re a retail, service, or steel industry worker, hands-on work might be the right fit for your skill set. Maybe an in-demand trade career is what you need? Perhaps you’re ready to join a business or information technology career?

We know exactly where you can train.

How to Change Careers Fast

You might think learning the skills needed for a new career will take too long, but Career Quest defies this notion. Their goal isn’t just to train you comprehensively, but to train you fast, so you can earn your certificate or degree in 8 to 15 months.

Their curriculums are built for working adults who may already have jobs or families. You’ll have flexibility in when and how you learn. You can fit any of their five programs into your busy schedule. Given your background, you might be interested in:

Not all programs offered at all campuses.

How Career Quest Does It Differently

Your success is Career Quest’s success. They have all the tools and resources you need to excel in your 8- to 15-month program and later on in your new career. Their biggest advantages include:

  • Blended learning for most programs. IT, Business, and Healthcare students can learn online and in person.
  • Financial assistance. Assistance includes loans and discounts for all who qualify, such as the Dislocated Worker Tuition Discount for the recently laid-off.
  • Job placement assistance. They’ll help you prepare for all aspects of the job search process and connect you with local job postings.

Take the First Steps Towards a Stable Career Today

Enrolling at Career Quest Learning Centers is the first step in building a new and more stable life for yourself. We encourage you to check out the offerings at our Lansing, Jackson, and Mt. Pleasant campuses as soon as possible.

Want to learn more about our Dislocated Worker Discount? Contact our team today!