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Online Business School and Certification Indiana

Posted: September 14, 2020


Have you ever thought of entering the exciting and ever-changing field of business? Thanks to our business programs online, Indiana students can now earn their certificate or degree in business right from the comfort of home.

Enrolling in one of the online programs at Career Quest Learning Centers helps set you up for long-term career success in as little as 8 to 15 months! Keep reading to see how fast, easy, and convenient jump-starting your career is with our help.

Our Business School and Programs

When you enroll in our online business programs, we prepare you for your integral role in today’s exciting field of business. Whether you’re a point of inter-office communication, bookkeeper, or sales associate, our program teaches you everything needed to succeed.

To fit with each student’s career goals, we offer two different programs: an administrative assistant diploma program and a business administration (AAS) degree program.

Students who enroll will take a series of online classes, such as:

  • Business fundamentals & communication
  • Desktop presentation
  • Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks
  • And much more!

No General Education Classes Required with Diploma Programs

When you enroll in our administrative assistant diploma program, you never have to worry about taking general education classes. Due to this and several other reasons, our programs only take a matter of months to complete.

In this online business program, the only classes you take are ones that will directly apply to your new career—like our project management course, for example.

After earning your diploma, some of the possible jobs for administrative assistant include:

  • Executive assistant
  • Advanced word processor
  • Customer service representative
  • Office manager

Enhance Your Education by Earning an Online Business Certificate or Degree

After earning your business diploma, you can continue your education in our online business administration degree program. After completing your diploma, the AAS is only an additional 7 months (for a total of 15 months), wherein you’ll build on your foundation of business fundamentals with classes such as:

  • Accounting essentials
  • Principals of marketing
  • Managerial strategies
  • Customer service
  • Human resource management

Career Assistance

When you’re ready to start your new entry-level position, our team of experts is here to help in more ways than one.

For starters, we offer externships with our career partners. These are a great way to earn real-world work experience in your new field while also building professional relationships.

With the help of our Career Services department, you’ll receive career assistance from day one all the way up to graduation with services that include working with you on professional documents, improving interview skills, and providing tips and tricks for landing a job after graduation.

The help of our experts doesn’t end once you graduate. You’ll also receive lifetime job placement assistance no matter how long ago you graduated.

Why Study at our Online Business School?

There are many reasons to enroll in one of our online business programs. Just a few of these reasons include:

  • Personalized financial aid with tuition discounts for eligible students
  • No pre-requisites, like entrance exams, required—just a high school diploma
  • Study on your terms thanks to our online programs
  • 25 years of success at our accredited career college

Indiana Residents Should Enroll Today at our Online Business School

Are you ready to take the first step to landing an entry-level position within the field of business? Enrollment for Indiana students is now open, so don’t wait any longer to start your career training.

Enroll with Career Quest today!