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Online IT Degree Grand Rapids Michigan

Posted: March 23, 2021


If you like working with computers, solving complex problems, and learning about new technologies and coding languages, then you may find satisfaction with a career in information technology (IT). With the online IT programs from Career Quest Learning Centers, Grand Rapids, MI, area students can begin their new career in 8 to 15 months.

Reach out to our Admissions team to find out how to enroll in our online career college today!

Our Online IT Program

Our online IT program offers two different avenues, depending on your career goals, as well as the level of training you require to meet those goals. Our two programs are:

  • Network Administration (AAS) Degree Program
  • Network Administration Certificate Program

Both programs provide Grand Rapids, MI, students with fully online training in IT and network administration that’s flexible enough to fit into a busy schedule.

Network Administration Certificate Program

The network administration certificate program at our online career college can be completed in just 8 months. It’s designed to teach students to build, maintain, troubleshoot, and secure computer systems. You’ll also learn how to support and implement Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) networks through classes like:

  • Intro to Computers
  • Help Desk Simulations
  • Operating Systems
  • Network+
  • Security+

Network Administration (AAS) Degree Program

Our network administration (AAS) degree program provides in-depth training in the field of information technology. In this fully online program, you’ll learn the skills needed to design, maintain, deploy, and secure Windows and Linus based computer networks. You’ll also learn various Server Operating Systems.

Students working toward the AAS degree in network administration will take the same courses as the certificate program, plus:

  • Cloud Support
  • Virtualization
  • Supporting Linux

This program can be completed in just 15 months. We’ll choose the right courses for you to take to complete your degree in the most efficient time frame possible. All you have to do is show up to class and complete your weekly assignments on time.

Enhance Your Skills with Additional Certifications

If you want to delve even deeper and grow your IT skills more, then both our online IT programs prepare Grand Rapids students to complete further certifications required for their intended career, like:

  • CompTIA A+ Core 1
  • CompTIA A+ Core 2
  • CompTIA Network+

Taking certifications that are applicable to your preferred career path can show future and current employers that you’re dedicated to enhancing your skills and capabilities on the job.

Keep in mind that available certifications may change based on availability, as well as applicability to the quickly changing landscape of the IT field. Reach out to the Admissions department at our online career college for a current list of certifications.  

What Is the IT Career?

In an increasingly digital world, computer networks—which were already the backbone of most modern companies—have become increasingly important. As a professional in the IT field, you’ll be responsible for the organization, installation, and support of these systems. Your general day-to-day workload might include tasks like:

  • Determining an organization’s system needs
  • Installing network hardware and software
  • Upgrading and repairing network systems as needed
  • Maintaining network and computer system security
  • Adding users to a network
  • Troubleshooting system errors and problems

On the other side of this are IT professionals who work in user support or at a help desk. These are employees who work in a customer-facing role, helping users with their personal computers or networks. In this role, your day-to-day tasks might look more like:

  • Asking customers questions to properly diagnose issues
  • Walking customers through problem-solving steps
  • Setting up or repairing computer equipment
  • Training users to work with new computer hardware or software

IT Careers

After completing an online IT program, you’ll be prepared to work in a variety of entry-level IT roles in Grand Rapids, MI, including:

Graduates of the network administrator (AAS) degree program may also find themselves in a rewarding career in a few more advanced positions, such as:

  • Linux administrators
  • Virtual desktop support technicians

Is the IT Field Growing?

Virtually every person interacts with technology in some way on a daily basis, and companies are increasingly reliant on strong and secure computer networks for conducting business. So, it’s no surprise that the IT field is growing as quickly as it is!

Computer support specialist careers are projected to grow by 8% between 2019 and 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.* The network administrator role is expected to grow by 4% by 2029 as well.+

Where Do IT Professionals Work?

Most businesses have an IT professional on staff or hire one through a third party, so there is a variety of places for an IT professional to work. The majority of professionals in this field work for computer systems design companies, but there are many other employers of these workers, as well, including:

  • Schools and universities
  • Software publishers
  • Management at various companies
  • Finance and insurance companies
  • Information companies

We’ll Support You in Your New Information Technology Career

If the information technology career is the one for you, then our college can help you take the next steps. When you enroll in our online IT program near Grand Rapids, MI, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way through:

  • Tuition discounts for eligible students
  • Small class sizes
  • Fully online classes
  • Lifetime career placement assistance
  • Inclusive tuition with no additional costs for course materials

We also have our Career Services Department, which will help when it’s time to enter the workforce. Here, you’ll receive career readiness support through cover letter and resumé writing tips, job search assistance, interview prep and mock interviews, and more.

Enroll in the Online IT Program and Get Your Degree at Career Quest near Grand Rapids MI

At Career Quest, we’ve helped students all around Michigan start new and exciting careers in the field of information technology. If you’re ready to start learning new skills or enhancing the ones you already have, then it’s time to enroll in our online IT program near Grand Rapids, MI. Reach out to our Admissions team and enroll in our online career college today!