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Online Medical Billing & Coding Online Certification Ohio

Posted: November 16, 2020


Working in the medical field is a great career choice for those who love helping others. One specific career path within the medical field is medical billing & coding. As a medical biller & coder, it’s your responsibility to provide administrative assistance to keep the office running smoothly.

Ohio students can earn their certificate in medical billing & coding in as little as 8 months when they enroll in our medical billing & coding online certification program. Are you ready to level up your professional life? Career Quest Learning Centers is here to help!

What Is Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical billers & coders are like the translators that physicians and insurance companies rely on to provide accurate care to patients.

When a patient visits with a physician, they receive certain procedures the insurance company must know about. To simplify, all procedures are given a specific code. This way, no matter where a student ends up working—whether it be in a doctor’s office or for an insurance company—they’ll already know the codes.

Once everything has been translated to code, the medical biller & coder will then take this information and send it to the patient’s insurance company. From there, the insurance company will reimburse the medical office so doctors and staff can be paid.

In a nutshell, it’s up to the medical biller & coder to translate the physician notes into this medical code so the insurance company can be billed.

What You’ll Learn in Our Online Medical Billing & Coding Program

Ohio students of our online healthcare program will learn the essentials of medical billing & coding in as little as 8 months. This way, students can potentially start their entry-level healthcare position within a year of enrollment.

How is this possible? Our medical billing & coding students don’t take any “general education” classes. All classes relate directly back to the healthcare field. Classes include:

  • Allied healthcare procedures
  • Administrative compliance
  • Billing & coding procedures
  • Anatomy & physiology

Enhanced Education with Additional Training

Additional certifications are a great way to show future employers that our students really know their stuff. Potential certifications that students can earn on top of their medical billing & coding certificate include:

  • Electronic Health Records Specialist
  • CPR and Basic Life Support

Students can also gain real-world experience before graduating thanks to our externship opportunity. This externship opportunity will get students into a medical billing & coding environment before graduation. This way, they can gain real-world work experiences that’ll look great on professional documents.

Why Enroll with Career Quest?

In addition to earning a career certificate in potentially less than a year, Career Quest offers online Ohio students several benefits, such as:

  • Financial assistance for those who qualify: All who apply will speak to a financial aid advisor. The advisor will create a custom budget that fits the specific needs of each student. They’ll also determine eligibility for financial aid and other tuition discounts.
  • Career assistance: Our Career Services Department works with students from day one to improve professional skills, help create professional documents, and provide tips and tricks for job search and interviews.
  • Flexible learning: Online learning is a great option for students who can’t make it to campus. It allows students to study when and where is most convenient for them.

Online Medical Billing & Coding Programs: Enroll Today, Ohio!

Ready to take the first step to long-term career success? Ready to help others every day? Our online programs are now open for enrollment. There’s no better time than the present to start your new career, so contact us at Career Quest to enroll today!