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Online Medical Billing and Coding School Ann Arbor MI

Posted: January 4, 2021


Medical billers and coders act as the go-between from providers and insurers to patients to ensure that much-needed treatments are covered.

Do you want to be an important part of the team that keeps Ann Arbor, MI, area medical practices running smoothly? Then our online medical billing and coding school may offer the opportunity you need to get your foot in the door.

The best part is, at Career Quest Learning Centers, you can complete your training and certification online in just 8 months!

Medical Billing and Coding Program

What Does a Medical Biller and Coder Do?

What is medical billing and coding? Medical billers and coders are an asset to any medical practice. In this role, you’ll work to keep the back office running smoothly by performing essential tasks, like:

  • Managing insurance claims, invoices, and payments
  • Properly coding services, procedures, diagnoses, and treatments
  • Preparing and sending invoices or claims for payments
  • Correcting rejected insurance claims
  • Following up with patients and insurance companies on outstanding bills

Medical Billing and Coding Careers in Ann Arbor MI

Graduates of our online medical billing and coding school near Ann Arbor, MI, go on to pursue a variety of engaging, fulfilling, and dynamic careers in the field, including:

  • Medical office receptionist
  • Billing/coding specialist
  • Health insurance processor
  • Medical records and health information technician

Our Online Medical Billing and Coding Program

By completing our online medical billing and coding program, you’ll be well prepared for a career in today’s modern medical office setting. Over the course of this fully online program, you’ll learn essential skills, like:

  • Records management
  • Front office operations
  • Insurance processing
  • Medical coding
  • OSHA and HIPAA regulations

You’ll also gain a working knowledge of government and commercial health insurance plans. With our externship program, you’ll even get hands-on, real-world experience in the field. This will ensure you’ll be confident in your knowledge and abilities as you begin your new career.

Plus, our online program is designed to get you into the workforce quickly, so it can be completed in just 8 months!

Medical Billing and Coding Certifications

For those Ann Arbor area students who want to expand upon their knowledge in their chosen field, we offer medical billing and coding online certifications. Earning an additional certification can be a great way to show future employers that you have a strong understanding of your area of expertise. Certifications may include:

  • Electronic health records specialist
  • Billing and coding specialist
  • Medical administrative assistant

Why Choose Our Online Medical Billing and Coding School?

There are many reasons to choose our online medical billing and coding school in the Ann Arbor, MI, area, including:

  • Fully online programs: Our online programs give you the flexibility to complete your coursework and meet weekly deadlines in a way that works with your busy schedule.
  • Career placement assistance: Even after you graduate, our Career Services Department will be here to help you find your future workplace. We offer resumé and cover letter assistance, as well as entry-level career placement assistance.
  • Externships and hands-on learning: Before you graduate, you’ll get real-world experience working in your field, so you know you’ll have the skills you need to succeed.
  • Financial aid to eligible students:  All who apply will speak with an advisor from our Financial Aid department. They’ll help you determine your eligibility for tuition discounts or federal and/or state aid.

Start Your Career with Our Medical Billing and Coding School near Ann Arbor MI Today

Your new career as a medical billing and coding specialist awaits. Our online medical billing and coding school near Ann Arbor, MI, is enrolling now, so contact Career Quest to get started today!