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6 Benefits of Career Training in Healthcare

Posted: June 29, 2021


Are you considering a new career in the medical field or looking to grow within your current role? If so, career training in healthcare can help you reach your goals.

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we offer a well-rounded healthcare training program that can prepare you for a new role in the medical field. Many of our graduates have gone on to successful and fulfilling careers as medical assistants, medical billers and coders, medical office administrators, and ophthalmic assistants, among other roles.

Read on to learn the six ways that training can benefit your healthcare career goals. If you want to learn more about any of our programs, contact our Admissions team and we’ll show you how you can start your new career in just 8 or 15 months!

You can also take our Career Training Readiness Quiz to find out if career training is right for you.

1. Career Training in Healthcare Allows You to Grow Your Skills and Abilities

First and foremost, career training in healthcare allows you to grow your skills in your chosen field. There are many unique skills that professionals in the medical field need, but they often require in-depth training.

While some entry-level healthcare careers allow you to learn some skills on the job, attending a thorough program at a career college can ensure you already know the basics by the time you start your first day in your new role.

Just some of the skills you can learn from healthcare career training include:

  • Taking patient vitals
  • Properly coding procedures and billing insurance
  • Drawing blood and setting up an EKG machine
  • Managing a medical office
  • Performing basic exams
  • Administering medications

Of course, the skills you need to learn will vary based on your career goals and the specific program you enroll in. You’ll also learn the softer skills that can only come from routine practice and experience, like attention to detail, customer service, empathetic listening, teamwork, adaptability, and confidentiality.

Our certificate and applied associate’s (AAS) degree programs can prepare you for your new career by teaching you these skills and more through a well-rounded curriculum of coursework.

2. Increase Your Pay by 13% to 25%* with Career Training

According to Forbes, professionals with at least a certificate in their chosen field can boost their annual salary by 13% to 25% over those who haven’t pursued career training.* 

As an added bonus, career training is often a quick route to a new role. In fact, certificate programs at Career Quest are designed to be completed in just 8 months. That’s less than one year of career training, but with a big boost in earning potential. If you want to delve in deeper, then you can pursue one of our AAS degrees. They can be completed in just 15 months.

For perspective, the average medical assistant salary in Lansing, MI, is around $33,244 per year.** Medical billing and coding is another popular career path for professionals who pursue career training in healthcare. These professionals can earn an average salary of around $38,101 to $42,932 per year in Lansing, according to Glassdoor.***+

3. Training in Healthcare Can Open Up New Career Opportunities

The healthcare field is a wide field full of exciting career possibilities. By receiving career training in healthcare, you’ll open yourself up to new options in your career that may have felt out of reach in the past. Some of our graduates have found exciting careers in roles like:

  • Ophthalmology assistants
  • Medical billers and coders
  • Medical assistants
  • Medical office managers
  • EKG technicians
  • Phlebotomists

The Career Services Department at our online career college can help you determine which role is the best fit for your interests and abilities. We can also prepare you for your employment search through services like assistance with resumé and cover letter writing, as well as interview preparation.

Our many employment partnerships also offer opportunities for new graduates of any of our programs who may be embarking on a new career.

4. Position Yourself for Growth and Promotion Opportunities with Healthcare Career Training

If there’s a growth opportunity you’re eyeing in your current career, then career training in healthcare can help you reach it. Often, by receiving a certificate or degree in your chosen field, you’ll be able to position yourself for even greater growth within your career.

We offer a variety of resources at our career college that can help you position yourself for growth opportunities. For example, all the career training programs at Career Quest are designed to help students prepare for certification exams that map to their specific program. Some of the healthcare certifications we offer include:

  • EKG Technician
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • CPR and Basic Life Support
  • Billing and Coding Specialist
  • Medical Assistant

Students who meet certain requirements may also be able to sit for these examinations at no additional cost. Ask our Admissions team about current healthcare certifications we’re offering our students.

5. Get On-the-Job Experience Through Externships

At Career Quest, we require all our healthcare students to cap off their educational experience with an externship. This unique opportunity allows you to get real-world experience in your chosen field before entering the workforce.

We offer externships through our many employment partners, so you can practice what you learned in the classroom and develop some of those softer skills that will allow you to be the most effective professional possible in your new role. That way, when you begin your new career, you’ll be confident that you have all the skills and abilities you need to succeed.

6. Start Your New Healthcare Career in Just 8 or 15 Months with Career Training

Career training from an accredited career college gets you into your new role fast. With 8-month certificate programs and 15-month applied associate’s (AAS) degree programs, you’ll receive in-depth training in your new career and enter the workforce in less than two years. This is ideal for anyone who is ready for a new career and wants to start their next role as quickly as possible.

Career training is also flexible. Our medical assistant and medical billing and coding certificates offer online courses that allow you to meet your weekly deadlines in a way that works around your current employment schedule or family time.

Training in Healthcare at Career Quest

If you want to quickly start a new career in healthcare—or grow within your current role—Career Quest is your first stop for specialized training. We offer four different programs that you can pick from based on your preferred career path. Our Admissions team is always here to talk about your options and discuss how each of our programs can get you where you want to go in your healthcare career.

Read on to learn more about our certificate and degree programs and how they can help you reach your goals.

Medical Assistant Certificate Program

Our medical assistant certificate program is designed to prepare you for employment in today’s fast-paced medical setting. By performing a hybrid of clinical and administrative tasks, medical assistants are the glue that holds everything together in a medical practice.

So, what does a medical assistant do on a day-to-day basis? It’s always changing, but some of the tasks you may perform include taking patient medical historiestaking patient vitalsadministering medications, as well as answering phoneschecking in patients, and scheduling appointments.

Some of the classes you’ll take in our medical assistant program include:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Allied Healthcare Procedures
  • Administrative Compliance
  • Allied Healthcare Applications
  • Medical Assisting Procedures

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Program

If you prefer the administrative side of the operation of a medical office, then you may be an ideal candidate for a role as a medical biller and/or coder. Medical billers and coders are the ones who ensure the medical practice receives payment for services they provide.

They do this by making sure that patient visits and procedures are coded properly and sent to insurance for reimbursement. They follow up on outstanding payments from insurers and patients too. They may also accept copayments in the front office when patients check in.

In our certificate program, you’ll master medical biller and coder skills like:

  • Basic accounting and bookkeeping
  • Using medical codes and coding systems
  • Creating and processing invoices
  • Applying fair debt collection practices
  • Basic computer and data-entry skills

You’ll learn these skills through classes like Billing & Coding ProceduresAllied Healthcare ApplicationsAnatomy & Physiology, and Administrative Compliance.

Ophthalmic Assistant Certificate

Our 8-month ophthalmic assistant certificate program prepares you for an entry-level role as an ophthalmic assistant. As an ophthalmic assistant, you’ll work alongside ophthalmologists, preparing patients for their eye examinations.

Some of your duties may include performing standard testsdisinfecting and preparing equipment, and taking patient ocular and medical histories. You may also be responsible for some light administrative tasks, like checking in patients and taking payments.

Ophthalmic assistant students at our accredited career college take classes, like:

  • Basic Eye Exam
  • Ocular Anatomy & Pathology of Eyes
  • Lensometry, Keratometry, Tonometry & Ophthalmic Imaging
  • Ophthalmic Surgical Procedures & Microbiology

Medical Office Administration (AAS) Degree

If you want to go even more in-depth with any of the certificates we listed above, then you may choose to grow your skills with our 15-month medical office administration (AAS) degree. You can begin this program from the start, or you can continue on from any of our certificate programs. If you decide to start with a certificate program and then continue on to earn your AAS degree, then you may qualify for our AAS Early Enrollment Discount.

The medical office administration (AAS) degree program branches off into three concentrations: Medical AssistantMedical Billing & Coding, and Ophthalmic Assistant. These concentrations will cover a similar curriculum to the certificate programs. As part of the AAS degree program, however, you’ll learn additional skills in classes like:

  • Understanding Patient Behavior
  • Medical Office Management
  • Project Management
  • Medical Law & Ethics
  • Customer Service

This path opens you up to even more career growth opportunities with its additional training. Many graduates of our medical office administration (AAS) degree program go on to become medical office administrators or managers. These professionals are responsible for the front and back office of a medical practice. You may also supervise other office personnel.

Career Quest Offers More than Just Healthcare Career Training

When you embark on healthcare career training at Career Quest Learning Centers, you’ll receive more than just top-notch training in your chosen medical field. We also provide you with a partnership that helps you work toward and reach your goals.

In addition to a curriculum designed to align with the needs of the modern healthcare field, we offer our students and graduates benefits like:

Inclusive Tuition: With our career college, what you see is what you get. That applies to tuition too. Tuition for our courses is inclusive, which means it includes any additional course materials you may need for your classes, including textbooks.

Small Class Sizes: We want to make sure that you receive the highest-quality education possible. That’s why we cap all our classes at just 25 students each. This gives you more access to one-on-one support from your instructors.

Flexible Online Classes: While our ophthalmology assistant programs require in-person attendance, our medical assistant and medical billing and coding programs offer flexible online classes that let you meet your weekly deadlines in the way that works best for you.

Career Services Department: We haven’t done our job until you have a job. So, our Career Services Department will be with you all along the way, even after you’ve graduated. We offer resumé, cover letter, and interview prep help, as well as lifetime career placement assistance and additional training for two years after your certificate completion.

Enroll in Our Healthcare Programs Today

Are you ready to grow your healthcare career or start a new career in the medical field? Career Quest can help. Contact our Admissions team to find out how we can help you reach your career goals in just 8 or 15 months.

Classes are filling up now, so enroll today!