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Student Feature: Meet Colleen R.

Posted: October 1, 2020

Student Feature: Meet Colleen

Colleen R. is a graduate of Career Quest Learning Centers Medical Assistant program, and has worked in a private care practice throughout the whole COVID-19 pandemic. “I work for a small private care practice as a Medical Assistant. I do clinical work and learn new things every day,” says Colleen. We’re proud of graduates like Colleen that not only have sacrificed so much to provide proper care to others during these crazy times, but have done so while also being a working mom.

When asked what motivated her to further her career and education, Colleen said “I wanted to become something more than a nurse’s aide, I wanted to show my children that moms and women can do anything they set their mind to.” Colleen’s favorite part about her job is interacting with patients and providing good care. “I love helping people,” Colleen says. “Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who shows they care, and I love being able to be that person for my patients.” Graduates like Colleen are an inspiration to a future generation of healthcare workers. Thank you for all you do, Colleen!