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Student frequently asked questions (faq) for Ross Education Transfers

Posted: September 2, 2021


Updated: 9/8/2021 12:13 p.m. Read below for commonly asked questions regarding the closing of Career Quest Learning Centers, Inc. and the transfer process with our teach-out partner Ross Education.

Will my credits transfer?

Yes, to Career Quest’s teach-out partners such as Ross Education. For institutions that are not a Career Quest teach-out partner, it is up to the school that you are applying to.

Will I need to take additional courses at Ross?

Career Quest and Ross Education have come to a teach-out agreement, and Ross will do their best to ensure students can complete their program with the best opportunity for on-time graduation. Career Quest students who are transferring their academic studies to Ross Education will begin classes with Ross on September 20th. In order to meet the graduation requirements for Ross, you may have to take a couple of additional classes, but your graduation date should fall close in line with your projected graduation date given to you at Career Quest. When you meet with financial aid you will receive a Tuition Package Worksheet (TPW). The worksheet will provide you with a specific grad date based on your academic plan. You will have a chance to review it at that time and they will be able to answer any questions that you may have at that point. Some Career Quest programs match perfectly with Ross programs, while others do not, however, you will not have to pay any more for your education at Ross than you did at Career Quest.

Do I have to finish my program at Ross?

Ultimately, it is the students choice on whether to continue out their education with Ross, however, Career Quest believes that the teach out partnership developed with Ross gives our students the best ability to have a streamlined transfer process and stay on track toward their graduation timeline.

What Ross programs are most comparable to Career Quest programs?

*These programs are recommendations. A Ross Education admissions representative can discuss in more detail all of the options that are available to you.

Will I take my certification tests? 

If you are a healthcare or business student who is transferring to Ross, please contact them directly to learn more about the options that are available to you.

I am not a business or healthcare student at Career Quest. Do we have a teach out partner for my program?

For those of you who are enrolled in the HVAC-R, Network Administration, and Network Administration Degree programs, we are still working to secure a teach-out partnership for each of these programs. We have good indications these will work out and we have several regionally-accredited colleges who have the potential to take our credits. We will be sure to send any updates we have to applicable students.

Will I have placement assistance?

Ross Education will provide placement assistance to students who wish to transfer over. For students with a graduation date prior to 9/17, please reach out to our career services team as soon as possible regarding placement.

Will my lab dates and schedule be the same at Ross?

Ross Education has it’s own schedule for lab dates and times, depending on the program you are looking to transfer into. Please contact their admissions team for more information on scheduling.

Will all Career Quest instructors go with the students?

No, but most instructors will be offered employment with Ross Education.

Will I pay more at Ross than at Career Quest?

No, there will be no changes to tuition rates.

Do we have to return our laptops?

No, you will need your laptop to complete your program of study at Ross.

What happens to my CQ Loan balance that I owe for the program?

Every students’ packaging is different. A Ross Financial Aid Representative will meet with each transferring student to discuss more details.

Will the total program cost increase when I transfer to Ross to complete my program of study?

No. Your total program cost will not change from your Career Quest program cost.

Who will issue my LEC payment?

Ross Financial Aid Representatives will discuss LEC payment procedures during your Financial Aid meeting.   

Who will be our contact at Ross?

Allison McConnell, VP of Admissions for Ross. Allison’s number is 810-300-3690. Additional contacts for Ross will be listed at the end of this page. You should also sign up here to get on the contact list for Ross. *This is a link to get in contact with Ross for more information, not to sign up.

Will I need new books to continue my program?

No, Ross provides all necessary books to complete the program of study.

Does Ross have any agreements with other schools to transfer into a Bachelor program?

Similar to Career Quests relationship with Bellevue University, Ross Education has an articulation agreement with Southern New Hampshire University.

For more information on Ross Education, visit their website at You can find more details regarding the transfer process here. If you are a healthcare or business student with questions regarding finishing out your program, connect with Ross to figure out a plan to keep you on track toward graduation. You can submit your information to their contact list here.

Additional contacts at Ross Education:

Allison McConnell, Vice President of Admissions | (810) 300-3690

Monica Stroud, Regional Director of Admissions | (248) 404-8720

Kim Kirkland, Regional Director of Admissions | (810) 250-7532

Samantha Jones, Corporate Trainer | (574) 314-6420