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Chad Paalman

Chad Paalman

IT Employer, Career Quest Advisor

Chad Paalman knows how rapidly the IT field continues to change. That’s why he serves on the Career Quest Curriculum Advisory Board. “I can come to Career Quest and say, ‘We’re looking for these specific specializations, we’re looking for candidates with these specific skills,’ and they take it to heart because I see it in the next curriculum update that comes out.” For IT students who understand the importance of staying on the cutting edge, that’s a big deal.

The fact that Career Quest stays current with its IT program is one reason why Chad likes to hire Career Quest graduates. “The students coming out of Career Quest have been prepared for what they should expect coming into the real world. I’m looking for students with a great attitude, a great work ethic and then Career Quest just puts the bow on it by making sure that they come out with the skills that I need.”

After several years working with Career Quest and hiring graduates, Chad has great advice to share: “I talk to those in the industry about what Career Quest is doing and say, ‘Hey, these guys are doing something right. We need to pay attention to what they’re doing.’”