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Crystal M.

Crystal M.

Medical Assistant Graduate

Even as a child, Crystal Meadows knew what she wanted to do when she grew up: “My whole life, I’ve wanted to make people feel better.” She just didn’t know how. So she worked in gas stations, fast food restaurants and other service jobs that left her unfulfilled. Then a friend and graduate of Career Quest urged Crystal to go back to school.

“I had no medical experience whatsoever before enrolling in Career Quest’s Medical Assistant Program, but it seemed like a great place to start a career helping people—not just a job. I thought, ‘Hey, it’s only nine months. I’ll give it all I’ve got.’” And she did.

Near the end of her program, three weeks into Crystal’s externship at the University of Michigan, her talent and dedication were duly noted, and she was offered a job with the university. “I skipped to work for the next three weeks,” Crystal recalls. Little did she know her new job was a stepping stone to even bigger opportunities. “I’ve been promoted twice in the last three years. I think they saw someone who wants to do better, and be better. I’m passionate about what I’m doing.”

With Crystal’s last promotion to a high level Research Coordinator position came a big boost. “The job I just got requires a four-year degree, which I don’t have. They wanted me anyway, and are going to pay most of my way to earn the required nursing degree. None of this would be possible without Career Quest.”

Crystal’s advice to other students: “Career Quest gives you all the tools you need to be a successful medical assistant. You just have to make a choice to make it count.”