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Diana Poulsen

Diana Poulsen

Medical Assistant Program

Diana had a husband in the Army and three kids at home. But she also was very determined. Before her husband enlisted, he had lost his job. Then she lost hers. It was time to make a change for the better.

Although Diana had not previously had any experience with health care, she felt drawn to the field. Her mother is a nurse. Diana likes spending time with kids and also with the elderly. She envisions a health care job working either in pediatrics, family health care or possibly a job where she helps older patients. The medical assistant program was a good fit because it could be a foundation for any of those work settings.

Diana says going back to school wasn’t necessarily easy, but she knew she was doing it for herself and for her family’s future, too. “I did everything my teachers asked me to do, including all the homework and working with study questions. I swear by my flash cards!”

In spite of a busy life caring for kids while her husband trained with the army out-of-state, she made sure to get to class. Diana made friends with fellow students and they encouraged each other throughout the program.

“I only missed class for my husband’s graduation in Oklahoma,” she says. Regular attendance and good study habits helped her get the good grades in a brand new field of study.

Diana starts her externship with the Kalamazoo Health Department at the end of October. She expects to complete her program December 1.