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Sarah Gottleber

Sarah Gottleber

CQLC Educator

Sarah became a Career Quest Learning Center (CQLC) educator after working as a medical assistant for a variety of healthcare facilities. That allowed her to gain a lot of experience in different specialties and she brings that experience with her to the classroom.

She says CQLC’s blended learning approach to education allows her students the chance to do hand-on learning in the classroom, while completing book work at home. And she appreciates the fact that the CQLC team is there for students in other areas of their lives besides just education.

She loves it when her students have that “a-ha” moment once they master a new skill. “What’s great is that you can see their self confidence levels rise a lot,” she says. “They become a lot more comfortable with the proficiencies they are doing in class and they don’t second guess themselves as much as they did in the beginning.”

She says watching her students grow and thrive is what drives her.