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Taylor V.

Taylor V.

Medical Assistant Program

To know what kind of work Taylor wanted to do once her twin girls were big enough, all she had to do was look back.

“I had twins born at 28 weeks and Sephora was flown down to the hospital where she received outstanding care from the nurses, the doctors, medical assistants—the whole team made it so she could be here today. So I thought, why not go back to school and be able to help a family, give them that comfort that I received?”

The Medical Assistant program at Career Quest was just what the doctor ordered. “Everybody was very supportive throughout the program. Your teachers are there for you. It’s more personable so you get to get that one-on-one time that you actually need.”

After going through the program with the same group of students supporting each other along the way, Taylor felt ready. “I went out into my field and I loved where I was at. I was confident in what I could do and they allowed me to do everything I’ve learned here at Career Quest.”

To potential Career Quest students, Taylor had a few words to say. “Do it. Don’t wait. You get to have an amazing opportunity for growth.”

“My girls, they looked up to me for doing it. It made me happy and hopefully they’ll follow in my footsteps.”