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Medical Administrative Assistant Graduate

When Trish found herself at a job she didn’t like, she decided to change her path. However, finding a path to success took a little time. “I went to a couple other schools,” Trish said. “They did not have support that Career Quest has. With everything that they do for you, this is the school that helped me succeed.”

The support that Trish found at Career Quest Career extended from the classroom to the job market. “The teachers were very, very attentive,” says Trish, “They wanted to make sure you succeeded. They did anything and everything they possibly could to make sure you succeeded.”

A she neared completion of her program, Career Quest guided her to the next step. “They helped with my externship. They catered to what I wanted, and helped with the confidence I needed to get that foot in the door.”

Best of all, that door led right to Trish’s dream job. “I love my job. I’ve never worked for a better employer ever. I would have never found this job without Career Quest.”

Trish’s advice to future Career Quest students is simple yet important: “Listen to those first classes. They’re preparing you for what you need to graduate, they’re preparing you to be successful.”