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So You Want to Be an Administrative Assistant?

Posted: September 6, 2017

Administrative Assistant

You’ve scoured hundreds of job sites and read countless job descriptions. The title Administrative Assistant continues to jump out at you, and its focus on organization, time management and efficiency pique your interest even further.

Administrative Assistants touch most everything in an office environment. From new hires up to the top executives, they work with all levels and departments. Their responsibilities include calendar management, meeting coordination, data reporting, and more. As a company Admin Assistant, you might become the go-to for pretty much everything in an office.

Does this sound like the business career path for you? Here’s how you can get started:

Understand the Basics

Administrative Assistants act as the backbone of a team, office, or entire company. In this role, you would master programs and projects, keep people on schedule, and ensure that no detail goes overlooked. Good communication skills—in person, digitally and over the phone—are only part of what you’d need to succeed. You’ll also need technical knowledge on programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word, Quickbooks, and desktop publishing tools. Administrative Assistants work across industries, including banking, retail, marketing, finance, and so many more.


You may think your research is done once you hone in on that Admin title, but this is when the real nitty gritty starts. Research industries, office types, locations and company profiles. You can check out companies and employee comments on job review sites or follow companies and workers on LinkedIn. Look into what happens at the businesses you like. Explore company culture, employee satisfaction, turnover rates and pay scale. Just as you may read a restaurant review before you decide to eat there, make a habit of doing the same with job reviews before you apply or sign on to work as Administrative Assistant. Just remember, not everyone will have the same taste as you do so don’t pass up a great opportunity because of a couple of negative comments.

Get a Competitive Edge

Offices today use a wide variety of computer programs, all focused on efficiency, clear communication and effective reporting. Will you be ready? Career Quest Learning Centers offers an eight month Administrative Assistant training program that will teach you how to become an efficiency expert. You’ll learn the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be an effective Administrative Assistant and all about how to act and communicate in a business setting. Find out how this training could set you apart from the competition.

Education → Experience

Once you’ve done the research and improved your skillset, now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. Externships can be found in human resources, payroll or even executive level offices. Your training program provides a solid foundation, but experience will round out your professional portfolio and help you be more prepared to enter the workforce.

If you’re in Michigan and a career as an Administrative or Executive Assistant sounds like it might be for you, give Career Quest Learning Centers  a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 today.