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What Happens When Microsoft Certification Exams Retire?

Posted: April 4, 2019

Microsoft Certification Exams

Microsoft certifications give you a competitive edge by showing employers that you have mastered a particular software. Just as computer technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so does the software used on those computers and networks. That’s why the certifications you earn can become outdated when new software is introduced. But don’t worry, even a retired certification can benefit your career.

So what happens when your Microsoft Certifications Exams retire and how you can keep up with changing times? These questions should help you understand:

Why Do Exams Retire?

To keep its programs current, Microsoft retires old certification exams to make way for newer certifications that better suit the modern workplace. Microsoft retires exams with outdated or obsolete technology. The company has also recently shifted its certifications to follow a role-based model that emphasizes the skills needed for specific jobs. For example, Microsoft retired its Windows 10 exam and replaced it with the Microsoft Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate exam. The new one is more relevant and useful.

Did All My Hard Work Go to Waste?

Once you have passed your certification exam, your credentials remain valid for life. Even though the exam is retired, you can proudly say you’re certified even after you retire. Go ahead and list certification on your transcripts and resume. Even an older certification shows potential employers that you are tech savvy and that you have the work ethic necessary to pass comprehensive exams. And the skills you learned while you prepped for and took the exam will likely translate to future versions of the software; so your certification will still be valuable even if it isn’t the most current.

How Do I Stay Current?

Get certified again! When Microsoft retires an exam, it usually announces a replacement that is more relevant than its previous version. Your knowledge on the prior exam will serve as a good foundation for the next, and earning another certification will show that you have the most up-to-date understanding of the software. But before you earn your certifications, do your research to see if a new version of the product is coming soon. If so, there might be another exam related to your field that could be a better choice. Talk to an academic advisor, supervisor, or peer professional for advice on what certifications will best prepare you for success in your chosen field.

What Exams are Retiring Next?

Microsoft announced that exams for its Microsoft Office 2010 edition were to retire in March of 2019, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Certifications related to Microsoft Office 365 are scheduled to retire as well.

How Do I Find Out What Exams Will Retire?

Microsoft regularly posts exams that are set to retire on its website. Once the retirement of an exam is announced, you can still complete the exam before its expiration date. 

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