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What’s It Like To Work in a Medical Office?

Posted: April 26, 2017

Medical Office

Did you know that medical office jobs are among the fastest-growing career fields in the United States? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of medical information specialists and other medical office professionals will grow by 15 percent over the next decade. That makes medical office work a promising long-term career field. Is it right for you? If you’re thinking about a career as a medical office assistant or medical billing and coding specialist, consider what it’s like to work in a medical setting:

Varied Shift Opportunities

Hospitals and medical clinics often operate 24 hours a day, and need people on staff at all times. As a medical office assistant or information specialist, you may work nights or weekends. If you work in a doctor’s office, though, you’ll probably have more traditional hours. It all depends on your specific clinic or healthcare facility. Where would you like to work?

Work with Patients

Working in a medical office means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with patients. This can be one of the most rewarding parts of your job. You could be the first person patients see as they walk in an office or clinic. Offer them a smile and a reassuring attitude and it could make all the difference. You get to offer care and comfort to a diverse patient population and connect them to the professionals and services that will help them feel better. If you want a career where what you do really matters, healthcare is a great choice!

Be a Member of a Healthcare Team

If you worked in a medical office, you’d get to work with doctors, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team—and you’d be an important part of it! Among your responsibilities might be making appointments, scheduling procedures, and dealing with insurance companies. If you specialize in medical billing and coding, you will enter the information patients, doctors, and nurses give you into databases, and organize those databases so they are easy to use. For all of these jobs, you have to make sure the information is accurate or caregivers can’t treat their patients correctly. You will also have to stay up-to-date on laws that affect medical data entry and confidentiality.

Use Advanced Computers

Because data entry is so important in modern medical offices, much of your job will involve working on a computer. You will have to know how to use electronic health records programs, as well as word processors and spreadsheets. You’ll need to know about the patient management system your facility uses and how to make sure everything entered is accurate and up-to-date. Computers are used in almost every area of modern healthcare. How will you develop the skills you need? 

If you have ever thought about working in a medical office, we can help bring your dream to life. Career Quest Learning Centers has a 15-month Medical Office Administration Degree program, as well as a Medical Billing & Coding program you can finish in only 8 months. For more information, call us today in Jackson at 1-877-365-8144, in Mt. Pleasant at 1-877-345-8505, or in Lansing at 1-877-481-4930.