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What You Need to Know About Office Dynamics

Posted: August 3, 2018

Office Dynamics

No matter where you work in an office, you will need to interact with all sorts of people and personalities. When you first step into a new office, it might be hard to figure out who’s who—but it’s important that you do. This is what you’ll want to know about office dynamics and how to fit in.

What are Office Dynamics?

Office dynamics are all about how the people in an organization function with one another to accomplish tasks as a whole unit. Being a part of an office environment isn’t so much about you as an individual, but rather how you can help your company reach its overall goals as part of the team.

Understand Who’s Who

In every office, there is a chain of command or an organizational flow to how the office operates. You can look at your company’s organizational chart to get a first idea of how things are run, but don’t stop there. Some people may be further down the chain of command, but still wield a lot of power. For example, an administrative assistant may not have a top title or salary, but they often serve as gatekeepers to the boss. If you’re not nice to them, they won’t put in a good word for you and you could find your career stopped before it starts. It is super important to understand the existing structure of your office and learn how to navigate within it.

How to Fit into a New Office Dynamic

If you are new to an office, there are some soft skills that will make it easier to fit in. Start with a positive attitude and a great work ethic. Do your job well and volunteer to help the team. Always think of ways you can do your job better and if you have an idea that might help the whole company, make sure to share it with the right person. You’re not going to skip over your supervisor and head to the president.

Good communication skills are also important. If you have questions or concerns, you need to know how to be heard, but in a way that fits with the overall office dynamic. Follow proper communication channels. And if you’re an office manager, it’s critical that you foster open lines of communication with your staff and supervisors. It will help reduce unnecessary conflict. If there is a problem that you need to address, it is always best to face the issue as soon as possible to limit conflict. And of course, it is super important to be respectful as you get your point across to a co-worker or higher up.

While you can’t control every factor in your work environment, it is helpful to understand office dynamics. Especially as you enter a new company, it’s important to get a feel for what’s there before you start to bring your great attitude and good ideas to the forefront.

If you’d like to learn about how to succeed in any business environment, we can help. Career Quest Learning Centers has business programs that teach you business fundamentals and a whole lot about the soft skills you need to navigate through office dynamics. Give us a call at our Lansing (877-481-4930) or Jackson (877-365-8144) campus to learn more today.