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Why Medical Assistants Are So Important to Good Patient Care

Posted: March 6, 2018

Good Patient Care

Medical assistants are a valuable resource to the healthcare system. But there is more to their job than just handing tools to doctors. They live to provide excellent patient care.

First Point of Contact

When you get to a doctor’s office you are always first seen by someone other than the doctor. This person is often a medical assistant. Doctors rely on their assistants to be warm, welcoming, and efficient so that they can set the tone for the entire practice. Medical Assistants also document the vital information the doctor needs to make a diagnosis that is quick and accurate.

Not all medical issues are emergencies. Sometimes you will have a choice of where you want to go for treatment. Medical assistants help to schedule routine procedures and appointments. Trained in a facility’s information system, medical assistants have that key customer-facing skill that patients need to feel comfortable and health care providers depend on for long term quality patient care.

Varied Responsibilities

Medical Assistants usually earn multiple certifications in their medical assistant programs. These can include first aid, CPR, and phlebotomy. These skills and certifications are important to any practice. In a given day, medical assistants might check patients in, collect fluid samples, organize charts and documentation, and assist doctors with medical procedures. They help with the flow of the practice so that doctors can pay attention to individual patients. Like any well run business, it is crucial that these tasks are taken care of so that no one member of the staff is distracted from their duties and no patient is left unattended to.

Coordinating the Healthcare Process

Medical assistants hold the entire healthcare process together. They serve as a liaison between patients, insurance companies, providers, and specialists. Patients are aware that they need medical care but may be concerned about the costs of tests and procedures. Medical Assistants can explain the reasoning behind each test. This helps to ease a patient’s mind and help them do what they need to do to get well. In a way, medical assistants are the heart of patient relations.

Providers in the healthcare system know the importance of medical assistants. In order to fulfill all the roles of seamless quality patient care efficiently, medical assistants need training in key areas, along with hands-on clinical experience before working full time. If you are interested in becoming a medical assistant, check out any one of the three Career Quest Learning Centers campuses to learn how you can begin your training: Lansing 877-481-4930, Jackson 877-365-8144, and Mt. Pleasant 877-345-8505.