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Career Services

Going back to school is an exciting adventure. Earning a degree or certificate is the first step to starting the long-term career that you may have always dreamed about.

It’s said that life’s better with someone by your side, which is why the Career Services Department at our online school is here to help you navigate your career training every step of the way.

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we believe that it takes more than a thorough education to land an entry-level career. We believe that career prep extends beyond the classroom, which is where our Career Services Department comes into play. Here, you’ll take the knowledge and skills you learned in the classroom and apply them to your future.

Throughout your education with us, you’ll meet with our Career Services team to build on soft skills and employability. Our goal is to help you land a career that you’re passionate about!

Assistance Before Enrollment

Even before you enroll in one of our programs, the team of experts at Career Quest is here to provide the assistance you need. We offer a wide variety of programs that’ll set you on the path to success.

Program Assessment

Do you already have an idea of which program you want to enroll in? Torn between two, maybe three, programs? At Career Quest, we offer a program selection assessment. This assessment is a fast and easy way to determine which career—and therefore which of our programs—is best suited for your skills and goals.

After completing the assessment, you’ll learn more about the strengths and challenges included with each program to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Here to Help from Day One

Our Career Services Department believes it’s never too early to provide assistance to students. Unlike other career colleges, our team of experts provides assistance from your first day of classes all the way up through graduation and beyond.

Throughout the duration of our program, you’ll work closely with our Career Services team to enhance your professional skills, build professional documents, and much more. Let’s learn more about the services that our department provides!

Find the Right Job

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a new career:

  • What type of environment do you see yourself thriving in?
  • Do you prefer flexible hours or a set schedule?
  • What dress code best appeals to you?
  • Do you want to work on a small or large team?

 These are the types of questions you should ask yourself before applying for jobs.

Whether you already have a strong idea of the type of place you want to work or you’ve just started considering your options, our Career Service Department is here to help.

They frequently have job postings listed and can even provide job search tips if needed.

Creation of Professional Documents

A resume is a way for a potential employer to learn more about job candidates before meeting in person. A strong resume that showcases an understanding of the chosen profession, variety of skills, and relatable professional experience is the easiest way to move forward in the career-search process.

Where some students struggle is how to condense their education, career, and professional experiences onto one page.

Our Career Services Department has years of experience with resume writing. They’ll use their skills to fine-tune resumes that stand out from the crowd.

Other types of professional documents the team can either help create or edit include:

  • Cover letters
  • Portfolio creation
  • Thank-you letters

Learn to Rock the Job Interview

A killer resume and personable cover letter help move you to the next stage of the career-search process: the job interview. Our Career Services team is here to provide tips and tricks on ways you can rock your job interview.

Need advice on how to dress your best on a budget? What about what you should bring with you on an interview? All these questions—and much more—are answered by the job-interview experts.

We can even help you prepare for interview questions by offering mock interviews. Such an experience can provide a sense of what kind of questions you’ll be asked and how you might respond to them. With a mock interview under your belt, you’ll be even more confident walking into the real thing.

Exam Preparation

A selection of our programs includes additional certifications and professional exams that some students may qualify for in addition to their degree or professional certificate.

While our hands-on curriculum and industry-experienced professionals help prepare students to pass the career tests they may qualify for, our Career Services team is on standby to provide study tips and support leading up to the exam date.

Once the exam day comes, some students may be eligible to take their career exams at our on-site testing facility.

Career Exams & Certifications

Career certifications are an easy way to show future employers that you have a strong understanding of the field in which you’re entering. Career Quest is proud to offer on-site certification testing for qualifying students as well as preparatory classes for individuals to earn additional certifications.

Some possible certifications a student may earn include:

  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Certified Billing & Coding Specialist
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+ Core 1/CompTIA A+ Core 2

Job Placement Assistance

Once a student has earned his or her certification or degree, then comes the exciting part of finding the job that best matches their career goals. Since the Career Services Department is all about preparing students for a career, our team offers all the job placement assistance you may need.

With 25 years in service, our Career Services team has developed many outstanding partnerships with local employers within our communities. We work with these employers to provide our students with quality externships and options for employment after graduation.

When a position is available with one of our career partners, they will let us know about this career opening. Once this information is relayed to our team, we pass this information along to our students. This way, students may have a head start when it comes to the job search.

Additionally, our employment partners often host networking events on campus. This is a great way to meet with potential future employers, learn more about an industry or company, and get your name circulating around your chosen field.

While job placement cannot be guaranteed, our long-lasting partnerships already put you a step ahead in your job search.

We work with lots of local partners in all career fields

Whether entering the healthcare or information technology field, we work with many career partners. Some of these career partners include:

  • Michigan State University
  • Oaklawn Hospital
  • Mt. Pleasant Housing Commission
  • ABC Academy
  • NuWave Technologies

By Your Side for Years to Come

At the Career Services Department at our accredited career college, we know that life is always changing—and this includes career aspirations. That’s why we offer lifetime job assistance. No matter how long ago a student graduated, our Career Services Department is here to help.

If a student is ever looking for a new career after graduating, simply contact us. We can help with updating resumes, informing of any new interview best practices, and simulating an interview.

We’ll also use our employment resources and extensive alumni pool to inform graduates about career openings that fit their needs.

Services for Employers

Our Career Services Department offers more than just services for students; it also offers opportunities to employers. This is made possible through two different employer programs: our employer partnerships and our advisory boards.

Employer Partnership

For employers who are always on the lookout for fresh employees, partnering with our Career Services Department may be what you’re looking for. Once partnered with Career Quest, you’ll have access to a group of new, well-trained graduates.

Why Partner with Career Quest?

Becoming an employee partner offers numerous benefits. These benefits include:

  • Access to well-trained employees: When looking for new hires, our graduates have the skills and experience you’re looking for when growing your company and needing fresh, new ideas.
  • New graduates every 8 to 15 months: Our programs allow students to either earn their career or certificate in as little as 8 months or degree in as little as 15 months. Plus, we also have programs starting every 5 weeks, so our career college is like a rotating door of graduates.
  • Extra time: Having access to new graduates may provide you with extra time. After all, you may not spend as much time reading through piles of resumes or searching job boards. Instead, reach out to the Career Services team for a list of qualified students.
  • Graduate guarantee: If you hire one of our graduates and feel as if they’re not proficient in a certain skill, let us know. We will retrain those skills at no cost for up to two years after graduation.

Advisory Boards

Employers, do you want to help shape the next generation of employees? Joining one of our advisory boards is the first step to achieving this goal. At Career Quest, the members of the advisory board are the backbone of our career training programs.

They play a major role in shaping the curriculum that our industry-experienced instructors teach. As a member of one of our advisory boards, they help determine curriculum modifications to our programs.

What Does It Mean to Be on an Advisory Board?

Each of our campus locations maintains an advisory board for every program. These advisory boards are comprised of local employers who hire and work with candidates that fall within the careers of individual programs. After employing our graduates, they provide career feedback, letting us know what skills are the most important after graduation.

From there, our instructors will shape the curriculum with the information provided by the members of the advisory board. If there’s a shift in a particular industry that would be beneficial for students to know, we can make these modifications to our curriculum. This way, each graduating class is equipped with the most up-to-date information.

In doing so, employers are setting students up for success as well as setting their company up for the greatest chance at long-term success.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Many of our programs offer externships to students. This way, they gain real-world work experience as the final step before graduating from a particular program. Companies are invited to become externship sites.

In doing so, they allow students to gain insight into what work life is like in their industry. Students will expand on their skills by working at a company. They’ll also gain invaluable experience through networking opportunities, hands-on experience, and more.

Level Up Your Professional Life: Offered Programs

Career Quest is an accredited career college that offers a wide range of programs, any of which can lead you down the path to a successful, long-term career. These programs spread across healthcare, business, and information technology, and other fields.

In as little as 8 to 15 months, students can earn a certificate or degree in their chosen field thanks to our fast-paced, hands-on curriculum.


Looking to pursue a career in a fast-growing field? Love helping others? Enrolling in a healthcare program can lead you down the rewarding career path you seek. Earn either a degree or certificate in one of our healthcare programs:


The world of business is ever-changing. Stay on top of all the latest business trends, learn about updates to the Microsoft Office Suite, and become an essential team member in today’s business environment by earning a degree or certification in business:

Information Technology

It’s no surprise that technology plays a vital role in everyday life. With so much technology, there’s a lot that could go wrong. When technology isn’t running at 100%, IT experts are the technology superheroes so many people depend on to get through the day.

To wear your IT cape with pride, earn a degree or certification in one of our IT programs:

Child Care

Maybe you see things slightly different from other people. You have a creative mind that can easily adapt to different situations. Maybe you’re told time and time again how great you are with children. If this sounds like you, earning a certificate in the childcare field is possible thanks to this program:


Like to work with your hands? Not afraid to get dirty if need be? Working in the trades is a fun and easy way to put things together and take them apart for a living. In the trades, you’ll be the go-to person to install, maintain, and repair heating and cooling systems once you complete this certificate program:

Additional Career Quest Benefits

When you earn your career certificate or degree from Career Quest, you have access to more than our Career Services Department team. You also have access to admissions and financial teams who are here to help you succeed.

On top of that, you’ll reap the additional benefits from enrolling in one of our programs. Let’s take a look!

Admissions Team

Just like our Career Services team, our admissions team is here for you before you enroll and throughout the duration of your program.

Before you enroll, the team is here to answer any of your questions about the enrollment process and what it means to earn a certificate or degree from Career Quest. To learn more about any of our programs, contact admissions today! They’re extremely responsive.

When you’re ready to enroll in one of our programs, you’ll be happy to know that we require no special pre-requisites before you can start your program. What does this mean? Well, it means:

  • No entrance exams
  • Only a high school diploma/GED is needed

Our programs start every 5 weeks. With these frequent admissions, it’s always the right time to give your professional life an upgrade.

Admissions Assistance Throughout Programs

Once enrolled in one of our programs, our admissions team is here to help all the way up through your graduation in these ways:

  • Open door policy: Whoever your admissions representative is when you enroll will be by your side until you graduate. Over the course of your program, you’ll likely form a strong bond. Feel free to visit your admissions representative either in person or virtually with any questions or concerns while studying with us.
  • Class scheduling: When you enroll at Career Quest, you won’t spend time trying to figure out what class you should take next. We’ll take that responsibility off your hands and provide you with a clear map of class order for the best success.
  • Laptops for eligible students: Need a laptop to finish your classes? Career Quest can provide you with a laptop that students can keep with them all the way through graduation. If you like, you can even keep this laptop after graduation.

Financial Aid Team

Being an accredited career college, Career Quest is proud to offer financial aid to eligible students. Those who qualify can earn federal and/or state aid, grants, and tuition discounts.

In order to determine eligibility for financial aid, each student will talk with one of our financial aid counselors. During this conversation, you’ll discuss your unique financing needs. From there, our financial aid counselor will come up with a personalized budget plan that includes individualized options just for you.

Additional Financial Aid Benefits

In addition to the creation of a personalized budget plan, the Career Quest financial aid team offers additional benefits, like our inclusive tuition. With this, the tuition cost that is finalized with your financial aid counselor is the only thing you’ll pay.

All additional costs, like the cost for textbooks, is factored into your personalized financial aid plan.

Even More Benefits

Career Quest has 25 years of career-training experience. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our programs and education. We’ve also developed numerous benefits so that students get the most out of their education. These benefits include:

  • Hybrid training: Many of our programs are offered as online classes. Thanks to this, earning your certificate or degree is done in a comfortable, at-home environment. Students can work on homework as they please while adhering to upcoming deadlines.
  • No general education classes for certificate programs: When enrolling in one of our certificate programs, no general education classes are required. All the classes you take are directly related to your chosen profession.
  • Hands-on training: While many of our classes are offered online, students still have access to hands-on career training, especially for those in our healthcare profession. This way, students will be fully prepared to enter their chosen field.

Take Advantage of Our Career Services Department

Our Career Services Department is here to help set you up for success in the workplace. When you’re ready to look for career openings, we can help you find your job match with our job placement assistance. Once you’ve found a posting that catches your eye, we can help build a resume that showcases your skills.

Thanks to our extended hours to accommodate the schedule of busy and working students along with access to computers and Wi-Fi, our team is here for you any time you need. Taking your career success one step further, we can even help you prepare for your interview by scheduling a mock interview. After all, we don’t succeed unless you succeed.

Ready to see how our Career Services Department can help set you up for success? Get in touch with us today!