Setting You Up for Success

An Important Step on Your Way to a Fulfilling Career

Support Services

At Career Quest, we want you to leave feeling confident and well-rounded. But most importantly, we want you employed in a career that makes you happy. Our Career Services team offers many services to assist you during your job hunt at no additional cost:


Job Placement Assistance

Throughout your classes at Career Quest, you will be preparing for employment and working closely with our Career Services team. Near the end, your program may have an externship component that provides you 5 weeks of hands-on training in the workplace before you’ve even graduated. Often times, students get hired right out of their externship. Once you have completed your career training program, Career Services will reach out to local community employers and Advisory Board members for any current open positions, to see if there may be a fit for you. They also routinely check job posting sites and seek out new opportunities for our students. Our staff of Placement Coordinators helps students find work to support their needs as they progress in their chosen program, as well as prepare them to compete for and win new jobs in their field.

Speak to an admissions representative to learn more about the value of Career Services and how they can provide the support you need to be successful.


The Benefits of Being a Career Quest Alum

Not only does our Career Services team provide support to our current students, but this help exteneds to our pool of Alumni. Career Quest offers lifetime job placement assistance to our graduates. As your career develops and grows, we will always be here to assist you in the job search process. Whether it’s freshening up your resume, running through mock interviews, or updating your portfolio, Career Quest Career Services are a lifetime perk offered to all of our students.  


“My grandson is in third grade. I’m proud that I can be an example to him. I have pride in what I’ve been able to accomplish – Career Quest has given me all that and then some.”


“I was working in a factory for 13 years when I got laid off. I needed to do something totally different and I started at Career Quest. Now I’m teaching here. I love it. “