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COVID-19: Learn About Career Quest’s Preparedness & Response

We value the safety of our community and have moved classes online until further notice. Accepting new students for Oct 19 start date. Stay up to date on all developments here.

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Courses & Programs

Career Training Programs Designed For You

At Career Quest Learning Centers, our job is to help the people of Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, Jackson, MI, and beyond unlock their true potential. Our career center offers a diverse array of programs and courses just to help you get started.

Healthcare Programs

Graduates of our online healthcare program often find jobs in fast-paced environments, such as hospitals, clinics, assisted living communities, and more. By offering crucial support in medical settings, they can be a vital component of patient satisfaction.

Medical Assistant Program

35 Weeks
LansingJacksonMt. Pleasant & Online!

Your passion is helping others.
Help yourself get there.

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Medical Billing & Coding

35 Weeks
LansingJacksonMt. Pleasant & Online!

Breaking down the medical and insurance language barriers.

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Ophthalmic Assistant Program

35 Weeks

Because you’ve got an eye for helping others.

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Medical Office Administration (AAS)

15 Months
LansingJacksonMt. Pleasant & Online!

Keeping medical offices organized and patients happy.

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Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

3 Weeks

Caring for the patients who can’t care for themselves.

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Information Technology Programs

Needless to stay, the IT field is here to stay. With a certificate or degree from this program, you can find an in-demand career in a field that just keeps growing.

Network Administration Program

35 Weeks
Lansing & Online!

Tech-savvy is career-savvy too. See for yourself.

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Network Administration (AAS)

15 Months
Lansing & Online!

Tech runs the world—but now you can run the tech.

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Trades Programs

With an HVAC-R certification under your belt, you’ll be able to assist in the installation and repair of these systems at both homes and businesses. No matter the season, there’s a high demand for HVAC-R maintenance.


8 Months

Hands-on careers for fix-it personalities.

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Business Programs

In choosing this career track, you’re also choosing to dive into socially vibrant office settings. Through teamwork and focused administrative work, you’ll help organize and drive business success.

Administrative Assistant Program

35 Weeks
LansingJacksonMt. Pleasant & Online!

The office can’t run smoothly without you.

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Business Administration (AAS) Program

15 Months
LansingJacksonMt. Pleasant & Online!

Blending personal passion with logistics & computer know-how.

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Child Care Programs

Patience and creativity are the true keys to success as a child care assistant. If you possess these qualities, it may be a fit for you.

Child Care Assistant

10 Months

Helping mold the bright minds of tomorrow, today.

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The Career Quest Benefit

While each of our programs and courses are unique, one thing rings true for all of them: You’ll have the support you need to graduate quickly and dive into a new role with confidence.

Since our course lengths range from 8 to 15 months, you can be on your way to your new career in under a year. Our Career Services department will help you build up your resume and conduct mock interviews. We can even assist with job placement!

Like most of our students, you may be a working adult with a busy calendar and family obligations. Our accredited college provides the flexibility to fit education into your schedule regardless.

Online Healthcare Programs in Michigan

Offered at All Campuses

Have you always considered your sense of compassion to be one of your greatest strengths? Well, now you can turn that compassion into a lasting career.

  • Online Medical Assistant
    With a medical assistant certificate, you’ll be qualified to work as a phlebotomy technician, EKG technician, laboratory assistant, and many more roles. You’ll know how to perform many important medical functions, such as taking vitals and taking patient notes.
  • Online Medical Office Administration
    The medical office administration degree, which takes 15 months to earn, allows you to work behind the scenes in a clinical setting. You can engage in some of the logistical work that ensures the smooth daily function of doctor’s offices or clinics.
  • Online Medical Billing & Coding
    The medical billing and coding field includes a tremendous amount of record-keeping and data processing. You could work as a medical office receptionist or a health insurance processor, ensuring patients get to see the right doctors.
  • Online Ophthalmic Assistant
    Have you always had an interest in eye care? With ophthalmic assistant training, you’ll be qualified to work in an eye care office, performing duties such as ocular imaging, basic eye exams, ocular pharmacology, and much more.
  • Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)
    As an outlier in our healthcare program, the certified nurse aide program takes just 3 weeks to complete. Upon earning their certificate, students will be qualified to work as a home health aide or in a retirement center.

Online Business Programs in Michigan

Offered at All Campuses

With an administrative assistant certificate or business administration associate degree, graduates can assist in human resources, payroll processing, sales, and more.

  • Online Administrative Assistant
    What does it mean to be an administrative assistant in an office? Your daily tasks may include helping other employees get paid via payroll support or by aiding in the sales end of business. Both are crucial to any office’s success.
  • Online Business Administration (AAS)
    The business administration degree takes 15 months to complete. With this degree, you can work your way up to respected roles in any office, such as the human resources assistant manager or an executive assistant. 

Online Information Technology Programs in Michigan

Offered at Lansing Campus Only

Nearly all modern businesses, schools, and hospitals are driven by computers. Information technology (IT) is foundational to their filings and operations.

  • Online Network Administration
    Everyone uses devices, and almost everyone encounters tech bugs. With a network administration certificate, you could become a help desk support specialist or computer hardware technician, working to eliminate common tech errors.
  • Online Network Administration (AAS)
    After 15 months, you can earn your network administration degree. At that time, you can have numerous certifications under your belt, including the Cisco CCENT or CompTIA Security+. Many career doors will open to you—perhaps in cloud computing or computer forensics.

Trade Programs in Lansing, MI

Offered at Lansing Campus Only

Whether it’s business or residential, almost every building you step into has an HVAC-R system. Due to the technical nature of these systems, it takes a certified professional to maintain them.

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC-R)
    During your certificate program, you’ll learn the practices and uses of basic electricity—as long as they pertain to HVAC systems. After learning this and many other HVAC skills, you can diagnose and repair refrigeration systems, refrigerant recovery, reclamation, recycling, and more.

Child Care Programs in Jackson, MI

Offered at Jackson Campus Only

Children are our future, and you can have a hand in shaping them by joining the child care assistant career. These individuals are responsible for instructing children, aiding their mental and emotional growth, and maintaining a safe and healthy classroom environment.

  • Child Care Assistant
    Do you know the basic developmental stages of children at different age levels? You will after earning your child care assistant certificate. This fundamental psychology understanding will help you guide and teach the children in your care.
Want to Learn More About Our Online Career Training Programs?

Are you interested in learning specifics about any of our programs or courses? Feel free to get in touch with representatives from our Lansing, Mt. Pleasant, or Jackson campuses for more information.

Career Quest Learning Centers is proud to go above and beyond the expectations of your typical medical, business, or trade school. Contact our team today to experience the flexibility of earning an online degree​!