HVAC-R School

Hands-on Learning from Industry Professionals

The Career Quest Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration diploma program was developed to train a new generation of HVAC-R technicians to meet the increasing demand for qualified professionals. In as little as a year, students can become proficient in the installation and maintenance of HVAC-R systems at our trade school. 

According to the HVAC-R Workforce Development Foundation: 115,000 HVAC-R technicians will be needed by 2022 to fill jobs (in the U.S. and Canada) due to anticipated growth in the industry and retirements, yet only 21,000 students graduated from post-secondary HVAC-R programs in 2015. This provides Career Quest HVAC-R students with strong employment opportunities today and into the future. 

Relevant classroom instruction 
Instruction combines classroom lecture and textbook work with hands-on learning in an on-campus HVAC-R lab.
  • Students are able to practice and master the new skills they’ve learned in textbooks and through lecture in the lab
  • This combined approach builds knowledge retention and improves employability

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Skills you’ll learn in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program
  • Installation and operation of residential heating and air conditioning systems
  • Principles, practices, and uses of basic electricity related to HVAC systems
  • Diagnose and repair domestic and commercial refrigeration systems, refrigerant recovery, reclamation, and recycling
  • Sheet metal fabrication and installation    
  • Blueprint reading   
  • Field inspection of mechanical systems, including Michigan Mechanical Code
Enroll today and prepare for a new, fast-paced, trade school career in HVAC-R in as little as a year.  


“I feel a lot smarter and I feel more confident in myself. And it’s all because somebody took a chance on me.” 


“I was very computer illiterate until I came here. By the end of the first week of my externship, I had letters of recommendation waiting for me."