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HVAC-R: Hands-On Career for Fix-It Personalities

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Do you like working with your hands? Are you in need of a switch to a stable, rewarding career in a trade? If so, it sounds like you’re ready to take the first step towards an exciting and hands-on career as an HVAC technician in Michigan. Performing a number of different tasks and responsibilities, your new HVAC career will keep you on your toes.

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we’ve developed an HVAC-R training program that will prepare you to start your new career in as a little as 35 weeks or 8 months! It’s all thanks to our comprehensive yet quick training program.

Ready to see how your professional life can change for the better in this short period of time? Keep reading!

What Is an HVAC Technician?

An HVAC technician is a skilled worker who performs maintenance, repairs, and installations for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration units. As the first line of defense, homeowners will rely on you to keep their homes adequately heated and cooled.

Since no two HVAC projects or atmospheres are the same, your days will be filled with everchanging tasks, the most common being:

  • Installation: Perform the necessary math to properly install the required HVAC equipment. Then, you’ll install the piping and run low-voltage electrical connections to hook up the HVAC system.
  • Maintenance: Homeowners may contact you for routine HVAC maintenance about twice per year. During this time, you’ll test the HVAC systems, clean parts, check coolant levels, and more.
  • Repair: When something isn’t working with an HVAC system, you’re called to come out to diagnose and repair the issue. This could include issues with the thermostat, heating system, refrigerant levels, and more.

You May Already Have the Skills Needed to Excel

Before you begin an HVAC program, you might already have some of the necessary skills needed to excel as an HVAC technician. These skills include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Independent worker
  • Crafty or hands-on
  • Detail-oriented

If you have any of these skills, don’t hesitate to speak to an expert to learn more about life as an HVAC technician. We can help you sharpen and build on them!

How Long Does HVAC Training School Take?

Career Quest is an accredited school that specializes in career training. Due to this, we’ve cut out the fluff, leaving only the classes that focus on expanding your HVAC horizons. In roughly eight classes, you’ll learn everything needed to start your entry-level position.

Thanks to our relevant coursework and quick turnaround, you can graduate in 8 months and dive into your new career in less than a year!

HVAC Training School In Michigan

If you have a fix-it personality, then you possess just the kind of personality our HVAC school is looking for. When you to take things apart and put things back together, you’ll feel right at home with Career Quest.

Our HVAC Program

Our HVAC-R training curriculum is designed to highlight the more hands-on nature of HVAC work, combining lectures with textbook work for a well-rounded education. To make sure you’re ready to get to work when you graduate, classes also consist of hands-on lab work. We’ll provide both the technical and interpersonal skills needed to succeed as a technician.

This multi-faceted program heightens knowledge retention and teaches in-the-moment application of skills. On the job, you should have the knowledge you need to make fast judgments and repair HVAC systems quickly.

HVAC Skills You’ll Learn with Us

In order to excel in your new career, our training program takes a deep dive into education. This way, you’ll find yourself prepared for just about any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning project that comes your way.

Some of the skills you’ll learn in our HVAC program include:

  • Installation and operation of residential heating and air conditioning systems
  • Principles, practices, and uses of basic electricity related to HVAC systems
  • Diagnose and repair refrigeration systems, refrigerant recovery, reclamation, and recycling
  • Sheet metal fabrication and installation   
  • Blueprint reading  
  • Field inspection of mechanical systems, including Michigan Mechanical Code

Why Enroll with Us?

Our HVAC programs offers many benefits, but one of the most desirable advantages is the quick turnaround for students to graduate. These aren’t the only advantages you’ll experience when you enroll in our HVAC program.

Our tried and true program thrives on helping students succeed. That’s why we make sure each student gets the care and attention they need. Here’s a few ways we help you succeed:

  • Small Classes: Our classes have a maximum of 25 students. This way, our industry-experienced instructors can provide each student with the attention needed to thrive in each class.
  • Free Tutoring: When you enroll in our HVAC program, you’ll notice that our college likes to get involved in your experience, and our Student Services department is dedicated to helping you overcome any obstacles you may run into. That’s why we offer free tutoring to all students.
  • Career Prep Assistance: When you’re ready to start looking for job postings, let our Career Services department help. Here, you’ll find updated information on job postings. You can also seek help with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, and more.

Enroll in Our HVAC-R Training Today!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unfulfilling jobs and start on a rewarding and new career path, you can take the first steps. Get in contact with the team at Career Quest Learning Centers to begin the enrollment process now.


Benefits of Pursuing a Career Quest Program

The Career Quest Advantage

According to the HVAC-R Workforce Development Foundation, 115,000 technicians will be needed by 2022 to fill jobs in the U.S. and Canada.1 Despite this growing need, only 21,000 students graduated from post-secondary HVAC-R programs in 2015.

What does all this mean for you? You’ll have strong employment opportunities today and in the future. However, high employability isn’t the only big advantage of enrolling with us.

  • You can earn your diploma quickly. It may only take 8 months!
  • You can get financial assistance, including loans, grants, and discounts to all who qualify.
  • You can find the right entry-level career for you with the help of our Career Services department.

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