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Directors List

Career Quest wants to congratulate and recognize the academic achievement of our students who have earned a GPA of 90% or higher during the prior module.

*Last updated for the module beginning 2/15/2021.

Melissa AlcornMedical Assistant
Wasan Al-QaizyAdministrative Assistant
Nicole AnschutzMedical Assistant
Hollie BramerMedical Assistant
Brandon BrownNetwork Administration
Krista BrundigeMedical Office Administration AAS
Sixta CarpenterMedical Assistant
Rosanne CarrMedical Assistant
Tammy CarterMedical Assistant
Kimberly ChamberlainAdministrative Assistant
Trevor ChurchillNetwork Administration
Megan ClarkMedical Billing & Coding
Jashara ColemanNetwork Administration AAS 
Mysha CrumpMedical Office Administration AAS
Heather DaughertyMedical Billing & Coding
Candis FletcherMedical Billing & Coding
Gayle FrayerMedical Assistant
Krysta FryeMedical Assistant
Jennifer GallettoMedical Billing & Coding
Julia GianinoMedical Assistant
Tabitha GreavesMedical Assistant
Cheyanne HaskellMedical Assistant
Amy HelmreichMedical Billing & Coding
Patricia HopkinsMedical Assistant
Sasha HuberMedical Assistant
Melinda JewellAdministrative Assistant
Jordan JohnsonMedical Billing & Coding
Alexis JonesMedical Office Administration AAS
Kahri KerbyMedical Assistant
Zachary KhonHVAC-R
Brittani LeachMedical Office Administration AAS
Jazmine LewisMedical Assistant
George MajiedHVAC-R
Rachel MonroeMedical Assistant
Kaitlyn NadrowskiMedical Assistant
Katina NemoreAdministrative Assistant
Alizae OvertonHVAC-R
Stacey PenoyerMedical Billing & Coding
Nicole PitcherMedical Billing & Coding
Tera PrattMedical Assistant
Briana RainesNetwork Administration
Jason RapsonHVAC-R
Karen ReidAdministrative Assistant
Allison SalquistMedical Billing & Coding
Benaiah SamsMedical Office Administration AAS
Jesus SanchezHVAC-R
Brent SchulerNetwork Administration
Dana SidockMedical Assistant
Cierra SmithMedical Assistant
Jasmine Smith-WilliamsMedical Assistant
Tara VenturaMedical Assistant
Kathlina VillegasHVAC-R
Abigail WaldropMedical Billing & Coding
Morgan WightmanMedical Assistant
Yolanda WilliamsMedical Billing & Coding
Ayla WilsonMedical Assistant
Julia WrightMedical Billing & Coding