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Medical Assistant School Jackson MI

When you want to take your professional life to the next level, our medical assistant school in Jackson, MI, is here to help. The Career Quest Learning Centers team will provide all the tools you need to jump-start your success.

We know you might already have a full-time job or a family at home, so we’re committed to helping you graduate as quickly as possible. Enroll with us, and you can earn your medical assistant certification in just 8 months!

What Is a Medical Assistant?

Anyone that appreciates hands-on work and the opportunity to work with patients one on one daily can appreciate what the medical assistant role has to offer.

Medical assistants can be found in healthcare environments, such as hospitals, clinics, or assisted living facilities. They act as the support staff for doctors and nurses, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the admittance, diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

To teach you how to perform all these duties, our medical assistant school combines both lecture and lab learning, ensuring you have the most well-rounded education possible.

Potential Medical Assistant Certifications

There are two major medical assistant certification exams at the end of our program. The Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exams can open even more professional doors for you. If you meet the criteria for one of them, we’ll pay for you to take the test.

Other certifications you can potentially earn during your education include:

  • CPR and Basic Life Support
  • Phlebotomy Technician

How Career Quest Prepares You for Success

It’s true that our accredited school offers fast turnaround with education. In the medical assistant program, you can graduate in just eight months. However, in that time, you’ll gain a comprehensive education that prepares you fully for your new career.

We offer a few other advantages you won’t find at just any medical assistant school in Jackson.

  • You can learn online and in person thanks to our blended learning.
  • You can get financial assistance if you qualify.
  • You can get help finding new employment with our job placement assistance.

Find a Medical Assistant Job in Michigan

Healthcare jobs are in high demand here in the Jackson, Michigan, area. With your new medical assistant certificate, you should have many options. Possible roles include:

  • Medical Assistant: Prepare the notes that doctors and nurses need to administer treatments by taking vitals and patient histories.
  • Phlebotomy Technician: Draw blood from patients and donors, which can later be used for testing samples or in transfusions.
  • Medical Technician: Test blood, tissue, and other bodily components before final review of your test results.
  • EKG Technician: Monitor cardiac health in patients by running diagnostic tests and monitoring blood pressure.
  • Laboratory Assistant: Prepare specimens for testing, run tests, and perform a wide variety of clerical and analytical duties.  

Earn a Healthcare Degree in Jackson

There’s no reason to compromise your professional goals just because you have a busy schedule. Our medical assistant school makes it easy for Jackson, MI, residents to balance education and personal obligations.

Enroll at Career Quest Learning Centers to get started today!