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Medical Billing & Coding School Jackson MI

If you’re looking to enter the exciting world of healthcare, medical billing or coding could be the rewarding career you seek. With the help of the industry-experienced instructors at Career Quest Learning Centers, you’ll be ready to start your new career in as little as 35 weeks.

So, if you’re ready to jump-start your career, our medical billing and coding school in Jackson, MI, can help make it happen.

What Is Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical billing and coding include different day-to-day tasks but work together. This makes for work that always keeps you on your toes.

Medical Coding

Your job as a coder is to interpret all physician exam notes and translate them into numeric or alphanumeric code. You’ll find that every injury, prescription, diagnosis, and general medical visit has its own code. That’s why medical coder training courses are essential.

Medical Billing

Once the notes are transcribed, you’ll then use this code to bill the insurance company in order to make a claim.

Medical Billing & Coding School Jackson MI

When you enroll with our billing and coding classes, you’ll learn all the skills necessary to start your new career. Some of the skills you’ll obtain in this program include:

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Insurance responsibilities
  • OSHA and HIPAA regulations

Why Work as a Medical Coder and Biller?

Once you’ve earned your medical billing and coding certification, you’ll find that you can work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing facilities, with insurance companies, and much more. This flexibility allows you to get started in the environment that suits you best.

Plus, this flexibility allows for a high career outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s an expected 11 percent in job growth for medical billers and coders from 2018-2028, which is much faster growth than average.1

Benefits of Enrolling at Career Quest

If you’re someone who wants more than just cookie-cutter education, we here at Career Quest have exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Financial aid to those who qualify: We make earning your certification as easy as possible by offering financial aid to students who qualify. Each student who applies will meet with a financial aid officer to determine their eligibility.
  • Flexible learning: At Career Quest, we’re proud to offer online learning to our students. For most classes, the majority of your work can be performed online at home.
  • Externship experience: In addition to the classes we offer, you’ll also have an externship that allows you to get hands-on experience that can be added to your resume.
  • Career placement assistance: Whether you could use some help building your resume, assistance finding a stable career, or if you want extra preparation for your upcoming interview, our Career Services department is here to help.

Become a Medical Biller & Coder Today

Are you ready to find yourself in a new career as a medical coder and biller in as little as 35 weeks? If so, don’t wait any longer to enroll in our medical billing and coding program offered at our Jackson, MI, location.

Enroll at Career Quest Learning Centers today!