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Medical Billing and Coding School Certification Lansing MI

If you have an interest in healthcare and have an analytical and highly organized mind, the medical billing and coding field might be the right fit for you.

Career Quest Learning Centers is a medical billing and coding school in Lansing, MI, that provides comprehensive training and quick turnarounds for both in-person and online medical billing & coding students. Students can graduate in just 8 months, allowing them to possibly start on their new career track in under one year.

What Is Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical billers and coders are instrumental in the smooth operations of healthcare facilities as well as detailed medical record-keeping. They can perform several vital administrative tasks, including sorting health insurance for patients, coding key medical lingo, and organizing patient records.

Every day as a medical biller & coder may look different thanks to the variety of daily tasks available. Some days, you may spend a portion of your day transcribing physician notes into a universal medical code, while you may collect reimbursements from insurance companies on other days.

Let’s take a closer look at the daily responsibilities of a medical biller and coder.

A Closer Look at Medical Coding

Doctors and other practicing physicians may give their patients the same diagnosis but write it differently. It’s up to medical coders to translate diagnoses, prescriptions, and other orders into one universal medical code.

Medical code is written into any combination of numeric and alphanumeric code. Everything in the medical field gets its own code. Every diagnosis, injury, prescription, and more has its own corresponding code, leaving you with thousands of different codes you must learn.

A Day in the Life of a Medical Coder

Since there is one universal medical code, the career opportunities are nearly endless. Medical coders can work in nearly any healthcare practice, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, private facilities, assisted care facilities, and much more.

A day in the life of a medical coder may look something like this:

  • Read over the physician’s report
  • Determine the corresponding code(s)
  • Transcribe this information into the patient’s chart

What Is Medical Billing?

After a physician’s report is transcribed by a medical coder, this information is sent to the patient’s insurance company. This is called a claim. Without medical billers, the practice wouldn’t be reimbursed for the tests and equipment used by the practice during an exam.

Since all medical practices must be reimbursed for their services, medical billers can also work at nearly any medical practice.

Life as a Medical Biller

The job of a medical biller starts after receiving a transcribed report. At this time, the medical biller will create a claim with all the listed symptoms, procedures, diagnoses, and other services provided by the physician.

A typical day may include the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Reading a transcribed medical report
  • Generating a claim based on the corresponding report
  • Sending claims to insurance companies
  • Creating an accurate in-office bill based on the patient’s copay

After sending the claim to the insurance company, you’ll often receive a statement from said insurance company that lets you know how much of the claim they’ll cover. After receiving this information, you may then need to send a bill to the patient to cover any reimbursement the insurance company didn’t cover.

You may also need to contact a collections agency if the office isn’t fully reimbursed.

Medical Billing & Coding: Other Things to Consider

Since these roles work side by side, it’s likely that one employee is hired for both the medical coding and billing job. Let’s take a closer look at some other things to consider when researching medical billing & coding career options:

Is an Online Medical Billing & Coding School Right for You?

If you like helping others and have an analytical mindset with strong attention to detail, an online medical billing & coding program may be right for you.

Our in-person or online school teaches the basics of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology along with government regulations, such as OSHA and HIPAA. With this knowledge, you can competently code and bill.

How to Get Your Foot in the Door

Healthcare is a growing field. As a whole, the healthcare field is estimated to have a 15-percent career growth through 2029.1 You may find that with this career growth, getting your foot in the door as a medical biller and coder is much easier.

Plus, thanks to your diverse set of skills, you can work a wide range of healthcare positions.

Some of the possible career paths you can take after graduating from our medical billing and coding school in Lansing, Michigan, include:

  • Medical office receptionist
  • Health insurance processor
  • Billing/coding specialist
  • Medical records and health information technician

Where to Look for a Medical Billing & Coding Job

At Career Quest, we make finding your future easy. An externship is part of the medical billing & coding program. This is a great way to gain real-word experience before graduating. The externship can also help get your foot in the door!

When it comes to job searching, let the experts at our Career Services Department help. They work closely with employers who often provide updates on employment. With their help, you may find searching for a job is easier than expected.

How to Interview for a Medical Billing & Coding Job

Need help interviewing for a job? Our Career Services Department is here to help. Not only can they provide resume-writing assistance and interview tips and tricks, but you can also schedule a mock interview. This way, you’ll be fully prepared when it comes to your real interview.

What Medical Billing and Coding Certifications Are Available?

To succeed in a medical billing and coding career, many professionals seek out additional certifications. These certifications can make you even more fluent in medical and insurance terminology as well as daily medical operations.

As a student, you can potentially take any of the following medical billing and coding certification tests:2,3

  • CPR and Basic Life Support
  • Billing and Coding Specialist
  • EKG Technician
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Electronic Health Records Specialist

Get Ahead with Career Quest’s Advantages

All that may stand between you and a rewarding new career is 8 months of studying. However, that fast turnaround isn’t the only big advantage you’ll have when enrolled at our medical billing and coding school in Lansing. We offer the following advantages to help you get ahead:

  • Flexible Learning: You can take medical billing and coding courses either online or in person. This flexibility means that you can fit in time for education, even if you have a family at home or a full-time job already.
  • Financial Aid for All Who Qualify: Our financial aid includes state and federal loans, grants, and special tuition discounts for a variety of circumstances.
  • Job Placement Assistance: We want to prepare you for your new career by helping you through the job search process before graduation. Need help finding a job after graduating? Utilize our lifetime job placement assistance guarantee.
  • Externships Included: Get five weeks of on-the-job experience before you even graduate. 

Enroll in Our Medical Billing and Coding School in Lansing MI 

Individuals with a knack for analytical and organizational tasks have a special place in the healthcare industry. If not for the medical billers and coders, healthcare environments wouldn’t be able to run quite as smoothly.

Do you possess the qualities to succeed in the medical billing and coding program at our Lansing, MI, career training school? Get in touch with the Career Quest Learning Centers team today to learn more!,of%20the%20other%20occupational%20groups.

To qualify, applicants must have earned a High School Diploma or GED from a recognized school.

Certifications are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Career Quest.