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Valarie Kirchner, Bay City Student - Thumbnail Image
Career Quest Advantage, Medical Assistant
May 22, 2018
“I love it!” That’s Valarie Kirchner’s impression of the Medical Assistant Program at Career Quest Learning Centers. Actually, that’s how she feels about the whole Bay City campus. A member of the very first class at the new campus, Valarie is excited for what the future holds—and so far, so good. “The teachers are cool and understanding. They make me feel comfortable so I’m not afraid to raise my hand and ask for help,” says Valarie. “And in class, it feels like a real community where we learn from each other. On group projects, we work together and get to know all the people in the classroom. Not everyone is always going to be perfect at everything. We know that. We help each other so we can succeed as a team.”
Job Seekers at the Career Fair Networking
Campus Events, Career Quest Advantage
May 15, 2018
  Whether you’re just about to graduate or you just began actively seeking a new job, a career fair can be a great place to kick start your job search. Here are 5 reasons to jump at your next career fair opportunity.
Christina Lewis
Awards, Campus Events
May 14, 2018
The Career Quest Learning Center Mt. Pleasant campus held a graduation ceremony for 33 students at Mt. Pleasant High School on Friday, May 11. The 33 students earned degrees or certifications in the following categories:
Female Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
May 8, 2018
Have you ever considered the career of an Administrative Assistant? If you think the job is all about following orders from a boss up above, you’re only partly right. The best admin assistants are intelligent self-starters who anticipate the needs of their bosses. They also know how to stand up for the people they serve and themselves. Some people don’t understand that assertive and aggressive aren’t the same thing. Some people even still believe that passive behavior is feminine. Boy, are they wrong! Women (and men) need to know how to speak their minds in the workplace to get things done, while still being professional. Here are some tips on how to improve your assertiveness skills as an administrative assistant.
Campus Events
May 8, 2018
Career Quest Learning Centers (CQLC) has opened a new campus in Bay City, located at 3900 State Street Road. Campus officials, teachers and students will be celebrating the opening on Wednesday, May 9, with a ribbon cutting with Bay Area Chamber of Commerce ambassadors and members.
May 7, 2018
Congratulations to Jackson’s Employee of the Month — Business & Legal Instructor Shelley White-Thomas. Shelley is involved in almost every aspect of our campus. And she is eager to help at any opportunity.